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We’re back for another round of Know Your Foe. Today we’re taking another look at another well-known Spidey foe …. Shocker!

Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_46 Spider-Man_Unlimited_Vol_1_9

The “Sinister” Shocker first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #46 in 1967. I find it interesting they added Sinister to his title as the original Sinister Six came about in 1964 and it wasn’t until 1995 in Spider-Man Unlimited #9 that he became a member of the fourth incarnation of the Sinister Six (technically the Sinister Seven). His real name is Herman Schultz and all his powers come from his gauntlets that produce powerful shock vibrations; the rest of his outfit is one big shock absorber. Unlike a majority of Spidey’s other foes, Shocker doesn’t have a huge grudge to bear against the web-crawler. He is basically work for hire and does his best to keep his reputation and professional manner.

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He was released in minimate form in Marvel LCS wave 24 paired with Classic Spider-Man. The same issues at the time are still present now; the colors. Let’s put that aside and look at the rest of him and I’d say they did a good job. His gauntlets, belt, shoes and even the mask deserve praise. By now you know I’m not a fan of the slip on masks but it works well for him and his face underneath along with hairpiece are very good pieces.

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The main item to fix is the colors; all the colors, especially the yellows, need to match and a brighter tint would be nice too. The crisscross pattern on his outfit is good but needs darker lines (perhaps just another stamping of black would do). Some sort of shock-wave accessory would be cool, something along the lines of Havok’s cyclone hand-pieces with a bit of yellow shock lines painted on would work.

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His MMC score was a 5 and I stand by Danny’s assessment of the colors messing up what could be a solid 8 score (my guess) figure. Stay tuned for more Spidey Foes and check out Luke’s Toy Store to preorder your Deadly Foes of Spider-Man box set!

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