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We’re back for another round of Know Your Foe. Today we’re taking another look at another well-known Spidey foe …. Scorpion!


There have been several people and versions of Scorpion over the years. Mac Gargan who was the first Scorpion showed up in The Amazing Spider-Man #19 in 1964 as a private investigator hired by JJ Jameson. However it wasn’t until the next issue in The Amazing Spider-Man #20 in 1965 when he became the Scorpion. His superhuman powers were given to him by a treatment to give him scorpion-like powers. He was also augmented with a cybernetically controlled tail. In later comic arcs Gargan was paired with the Venom symbiote and even for a time with Norman Osborn’s help he was actually Spider-Man (Comics, Everybody!).

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He was released as Scorpion in minimate form in Marvel LCS Wave 30 with House of M Spider-Man. We have even seen him in Venom form in the Thunderbolts box set and TRU wave 3. Visually, Scorpion is an outstanding figure. His face, costume details and tail all look amazing. It’s that tail that literally drags down the entire figure. He is so unbalanced because his tail doesn’t reach to ground to provide any stability. Even with a base plate he pulls to the back.

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They could go with later versions of his costume where his tail protrudes from his rear; something similar to movie version Lizard. But honestly I like this first appearance costume. To fix the figure the main thing needed is to fix his tail. I think having a more segmented tail would allow us to position it in a way to reach the ground for balance. For a little more added zing throw in a pair of alternate claw hands. The rest, especially that mask, already look great.

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His MMC score was a 5 and I’d still give him the same score today, that tail is too frustration for what could be a 9 or 10 figure. Stay tuned for more Spidey Foes and check out Luke’s Toy Store to preorder your Deadly Foes of Spider-Man box set!

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