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In case you haven’t heard, Luke’s Toy Store is getting it’s own exclusive box set – The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man!! In honor of this we’re going to take a closer look at Spidey’s foes that have been previously released in minimate form. I have to give thanks to my pal just south of me, PK13, for helping out with these figures.

Up first on Know Your Foe, that fx wizard and master of illusion …. Mysterio!


Mysterio is one of Spider-Man’s early enemies, first appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 back in 1964. Over the years several different people have taken up the mantle of Mysterio but all save one are just regular people with no special powers. Their skill is that they’re really good at illusions and special effects. The lone exception is Francis Klum, a mutant, who can teleport and has the power to control people’s bodies. One consistent thread however has been the outfit: fishbowl head, purple cloak and green grid bodysuit. I’ve always liked how the little clasps for his cloak look like eyes.

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He was released in minimate form in LCS Wave 19 paired with Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man. He still holds up fairly well to today’s minimates. His cloak is simply amazing; the texture underneath is very well done and has all the right folds in the all the right places. The fishbowl head looks great. I like the amount of detail on his body, especially that it is continued front, back and side. Great job on the cuff pieces and even details for his shoes.

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If he was to get updated I would keep the cloak and head, perhaps go more translucent with the plastic for his headpeice. Same amount of detail on his body with a slightly lighter color green to make the black detail lines really stand out. Keep the cuffs or could taper them a bit towards his hands. And for accessories go with either a cloud base, magic base or even better a smoky translucent flame swirl base. I could even go for a Marvel Zombies version of Mysterio in a Halloween ComicFest pack (think of the busted fishbowl with brains hanging out, that would be awesome)!

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Mysterio’s MMC score was a 7, I would bump that up to an 8 for how well he’s held up over the years but I would still like to see an updated version. Stay tuned for more Spidey Foes and check out Luke’s Toy Store to preorder your Deadly Foes of Spider-Man box set!

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