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What’s this? That’s not Spider-Man!

We’re back for another round of Know Your Foe. Today is a one of the first foes Spider-Man ever faced … Chameleon!


He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 1963.  The Chameleon got his start by trying to impersonate Spider-Man. He was born Dmitri Smerdyakov and is the half-brother of Kraven the Hunter. He didn’t have any super powers other than major makeup skills but later he got a few devices to help with his camouflage and eventually gained mutagenic powers to change appearance at will.

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He has been released in minimate form once in Marvel wave 7 with a big JJ Jameson mask. The figure itself is a two in one as it counts as JJ and Chameleon. The face underneath is easily recognizable as his classic nondescript face. The rest is a simple base figure with dark suit details.

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He really could go for an update. Granted because he’s changing his appearance so much you could say any character is the Chameleon in disguise. But for an updated version I would go with similar mask with different expression. It would be nice to see a mid-transformation face or partial removal of mask to another character (JJ, Spidey, etc). Also they’ve released better suits over the years; any of those updates would be nice. Or they could go another route and have his full purple jumpsuit.

Chameleon could use an update and would be a good addition for another Foe boxset. Stay tuned for more Spidey Foes and check out Luke’s Toy Store to preorder your Deadly Foes of Spider-Man box set!

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