The 80’s are back; ahhh nostalgia! Knight Rider was such a fun, albeit corny at times, TV-series starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight with everyone’s favorite talking car KITT. And what heroic duo would be complete without their doppelganger nemesis; for Knight Rider it was Garthe Knight and KARR. 


Packaging is similar to the MAX Stealth Jet previously released with the large blister card. The figure and car are easy to see and held in place by the usual plastic tray with twist ties. The large Knight Rider logo is at the top with the control art of Garthe Knight and KARR on the forefront of the plastic tray. The back of the packaging has a little write-up about Knight Rider along with a picture of the set.

The entire set includes the car, a sheet of stickers with placement instructions, taillight cover plate and minimate figure with accessory.




The Figure

Garthe Knight


So how can you tell the evil Garthe Knight, Wilton Knight’s estranged son who has become a criminal, apart from the series’ hero Michael? Well the goatee of course!
Great reuse of hairpiece we saw with the Beyonder. Good job on the facial details, bright eyes and facial hair.
He has a jacket torso cover that shows a bit of his chest underneath. The main torso has lots of details too, albeit chest hair and gold chain … got to love the 80’s. The rest of the legs and arms are a white blank save for the flesh colored hands. An extra set of flesh arms would have been nice.
Garthe comes with a brown cane accessory. Overall this is a pretty good figure for customizing. You get parts of a white blank with bits/pieces that work great for other human characters.
In conclusion he may be evil but he’s pretty cool.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


The Vehicle

K.A.R.R. – Knight Automated Roving Robot

No goatee but this is pretty much the evil KITT. KARR was the prototype version of KITT but a programming error made KARR a potential danger so it was put in storage. However like all nemesis, it came back to give our heroes trouble.


Originally the design of both cars was identical; it was in later seasons that KARR got the two tone color with the amber scan bar.


Right out of the box there’s not a lot of setup that you need to do. The main thing is to add the stickers to assigned places. The only downside to this is big hands don’t help with placement of little stickers; so I enlisted the help of my wife for this. The ones on the dashboard are especially tricky to get lined up perfectly. On the back once you have the taillights placed there’s a clear plastic cover that snaps right over them.

The design is great, looks just like KARR from the TV series. Garthe fits nicely in the bucket seats, you could even add another minimate as passenger too. The wheels roll easily and doors are easy to open but feel sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about them snapping off.  Paint apps are well done and love the finish as you can see reflections off the hood; looks like the car was just waxed.


In conclusion a very well made vehicle that looks just like from the show.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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