You can’t have the Xenomorphs from Aliens without a few Predators to fight, can you?  Of course not!  Jungle Extraction Dutch and the Battle-Damaged Jungle Predator are the Toys R Us exclusive set from the first series of Predator Minimates two-packs, which were just released back in November. This set has the notoriety of being the only two-pack in the first series not to share either of its figures with the first set of blind-bagged figures.

The Packaging

Dutch&PredPack1 Dutch&PredPack2

The Predator Minimates packaging is a fairly standard blister card design, similar to what we saw on the Aliens Minimates.  It’s not terribly exciting, being mostly black, with only the logo to break things up.  The figures are presented well enough, though, and there’s the sticker which indicates that this is the TRU-exclusive set.


The Figures

Jungle Extraction Dutch

Dutch&Pred2 Dutch&Pred4 Dutch&Pred3

This isn’t the first time that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gotten a Minimate; he actually got quite a few of them back in the Terminator 2 line. However, this is one of the first three versions of Dutch (all packed in the first series of two-packs), so that’s neat, I guess. He’s based on Dutch’s look right after the first encounter with the Predator, right after he’s taken off his jacket, but before he takes off the tank top (seriously, the easiest way of identifying where you are in Predator is to see what state of undress Schwarzenegger is currently in).

Dutch has five sculpted add-on pieces for his hair, vest, belt, holster, and knife sheath. Most of these pieces are shared between the three Dutches. The hair and vest are definitely new, and the belt and sheath might be, but I’m not 100% sure, and the holster is the same holster we’ve seen a lot recently. Regardless of origin, the pieces are all very nicely sculpted, and they do a nice job of capturing the look of the character. In particular, the hair does a much better job of capturing Schwarzenegger’s look than the T2 ‘mates did, so that’s nice to see.

Dutch’s paint is great in theory, but a little iffy in execution. The colors are great matches for the source material, and all of the detail lines look great. The Schwarzenegger likeness is pretty spot-on, and the face paint for the camo is handled with some pretty great subtlety. Unfortunately, my figure has a spot on both the torso and the upper right leg where the paint is missing, leaving the white plastic totally exposed. The torso spot is easy to overlook, but the one on the leg is really glaring.

For accessories, Dutch includes a rifle, a handgun, a knife, and a clear display stand.

Overalll, this is quite a nice depiction of a fairly memorable film character, and he’s a much better Schwarzenegger than we’ve gotten in the past.  Definitely a solid addition to the collection.


MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Battle-Damaged Jungle Predator

Dutch&Pred5 Dutch&Pred7 Dutch&Pred6

The original Predator, or Jungle Hunter as it’s “officially” known, has quite a few minutely different looks, which can’t all be conveyed by the same figure, necessitating a bunch of variants. Oh, what is a toy company to do? One of the noteworthy bits about the Predator was that it bled a vibrant green blood, which had a glow to it. It looked kind of cool and led to Dutch’s immortal line “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” At the end of the movie, the creature takes a fair bit of a beating at the hands of Dutch, which leaves it splattered in its own blood. It’s a somewhat distinctive look, so it makes sense to see it show up here.

The Predator is built using non-standard pieces for the head, hands, feet, and upper left arm, as well as add-ons for the torso/shoulder armor and the belt/skirt. These pieces are all-new (though their shared amongst the various versions of the Jungle Hunter), and they do a pretty decent job of translating the design into ‘mate form. They aren’t perfect, and I’m not 100% sold on some of the design choices, but the overall look is pretty good.

The paint work on this figure is pretty great, with plenty of texture work, and some awesome color choices. The bright green for the blood is also pretty cool, and it adds a nice bit of difference to the figure.

The Jungle Predator’s only accessory is a clear display stand, but given the number of sculpted parts on the actual figure, this is som ewhat forgivable.

There was some worry that the Predator aesthetic wouldn’t translate to Minimates, but this figure shows that it doesn’t work out too badly.  This isn’t necessarily going to be the default version of this particular Predator, but it’s definitely a solid figure in its own right, and a perfectly valid variant.


MMC Score – 7 out of 10


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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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