The X3 wave are based on the movie versions of the characters from the X-Men – The Last Stand film. The wave missed the big retail opportunities, missing the theatrical release and also the DVD release. In this set we have two characters pivotal to the film – Jean Grey and Wolverine (Hurrah, another Wolverine!).


The box is the new size (much bigger) box with the extended card back ending in a ‘J’ hook. The figures inside are represented by photographs of the ‘mates in static poses against a background detail of the X3 logo.

The back of the box feature a large group shot of the entire wave plus variant.


The Figures

Jean Grey (X-Men 3: The Last Stand)


The first Minimate in this set is Jean Grey, as portrayed in the X-Men movies by Famke Janssen. We have had two versions of this character before, with the Ultimate X-Men version released way back in wave 3, and also a New X-Men version released in wave 6 (interestingly, again with Wolverine).

While the face doesn’t really look like the actress it does look like the character she plays. Being framed by all that red hair probably helps. The hairpiece is new. In fact there’s hardly any part re-use in this wave.


Jean’s skirt is also a new piece, but overall the costume is less than inspiring. Hardly the toy designer’s fault as they had to work from movie rather than comic costumes and the X-Movies palette is far more muted than the comic book. One complaint is that Jean’s… How do I say this? Cleavage? Yes, cleavage, that’ll do. It seems a bit high to me. It starts right under her neck and having seen real boobies once or twice I can safely say they don’t usually start up there. Maybe it’s just the tampo on mine?

Jean doesn’t come with any accessories, but then she doesn’t really need to. She’s telepathic and telekinetic. She don’ need no steenkin’ accessories. She does have the C3 feet and peg hole in the head though.

In conclusion, a nice minimate but like all the X3 ‘mates it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the Marvel Minimate universe.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10



Wolverine (X-Men 3: The Last Stand)


You couldn’t have a set of toys based on the X-Men films and not have Wolverine! He’s the most bankable character from the films so it’s natural he’s going to be in this wave. This is one of those times he doesn’t feel shoe-horned into a wave.

It certainly isn’t Hugh Jackman but it is recognizably Wolverine, thanks to the trademark snarl and distinct hairstyle. I’m actually a big fan of this Wolvie mainly due to those enormous sideburns. They’re fantastically huge, and really help to set him apart from all the previous Wolverines. As with Jean Grey this is a brand new hairpiece.


The body detailing is excellent. It IS the movie Wolverine costume. It could maybe have benefited from having an over jacket like the New X-Men Wolverine but that’s just a minor gripe. Thankfully DST have ditched the cost cutting and have gone back to detailing all the way around the Minimate body.

One thing of note is the change in Wolverine’s claws. It’s not really noticeable until you compare them to previous Wolverine Minimates, they’re much shorter and actually look a lot better than the previous versions.


Like pretty much every Wolverine ever, Wolverine comes with no accessories. He has clawed hands, C3 feet, and a hole in the head block.

Not a bad Wolverine Minimate, in fact a very good Wolverine Minimate. It sits well with the rest of the X3 ‘mates, but it is yet another Wolverine and I can’t help feeling a bit ‘meh’ about it. 

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Stewart Kay

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