Ahhhh, 80’s cartoon nostalgia! This is one of the best cartoon shows in the late 80’s and definitely on the list for top of all time (B:TAS being the absolute best obviously). So who you gonna call to make some totally awesome minimates from this show?? Art Asylum/Diamond Select Toys!



The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with The Real Ghostbusters’ name & logo ghost. The logo ghost is also on the front card behind the figures. The back shows the other figures available in the series with short bio of each of the two characters included.


The Figures


The Real Ghostbusters was a cartoon show based on the 1984 film Ghostbusters that ran from 1986 to 1991. The show continued the adventures of paranormal investigators Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, their secretary Janine Melnitz and their mascot ghost Slimer. Janine had a more active role in the show, ‘bustin alongside the boys on missions.
Her look was changed a bit from the movie, different hair style but same glasses. The figure has a new hair sculpt (red hair) with attached bright yellow glasses. If you make sure the hair piece is down fully on the head you’ll notice her eyes are just peaking over the rims; I love this. Normally I’d complain about the complacent look on her face, especially with the trend of a lot of female characters having this exact same expression, but for Janine it nails her personality.
The rest of her outfit is her pink Ghostbusters jumpsuit. There are some details on her torso and on her right shoulder is the Ghostbuster logo. She does have her grey arm pads and her red/grey boots. The entire outfit is fairly simple but it works.
So now I have three words for you that should make her one of the most desirable minimates EVER  …. Removable Proton Pack! Did everyone hear that!? This is one of two figures ever to have a removable pack (the other one is packed with her), all of the rest of packs with released figures have been attached to torso covers. Think of the possibilities; just about any minimate figure from any line could be wearing a proton pack: Wolverine Ghostbuster, Batman Ghostbuster, Calico Jack Ghostbuster, Wolfman Ghostbuster. The pack is similar to the movie line just with more yellow colors. The cord connected to the gun seems more flexible than the ones from the movie line. Also the guns are a different shape and this pack does have a place for a removable trap piece. This trap piece doesn’t fold out but there is an extra ghost trap to use along with a proton stream to attach to the end of the gun.
So in conclusion, the figure is well done but nothing that spectacular; let’s not kid ourselves here it’s the proton pack that makes this set worth its weight in gold!

MMC Score – Figure 7 out of 10, Removable Proton Pack = priceless




Good ol Slimer, no longer just a ghost and menace; in the cartoon show he’s now part of the Ghostbusters team and their mascot. There are also a few episodes where he gets to strap on a proton pack and help capture some bad ghosts.
Slimer is basically a transparent green minimate torso, head, arms and hands with a sculpted ghost body torso cover. You’ll notice his green color is smokier than the shiny movie version. The facial details are good too; he has a determined look with big eyes, nose and mouth with his teeth showing. Most of the time in the show he was happy or goofy acting, so it’s not his usual expression. But since he comes with a proton pack you’d expect him to be ready for bustin’ and his expression matches this well (thankfully the first RGB box set has him with his goofy look). The sculpt of the ghost body matches up well to how he looked in the cartoon; the only difference is I expected him to have more of a ghost tail (tapering off instead of round).
Like Janine he comes with a removable proton pack. The straps are longer/larger so that they will fit around his torso and he also has a proton stream. Slimer also has a clear stand which is sooooo much better than the green one from the movie version and gives him that floating look. These are great parts to use for customizing and the larger strap on the packs could allow figures with large torso covers to dress up as Ghostbusters too.
In conclusion a well done figure and another removable proton pack.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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