Today here in the US we honor all those that have given their lives while serving in the Armed Forces. I figured it would be a fitting time to review this at least half patriotic set from the Iron Man 3 minimate figures. There are some mild spoilers for the film inside so proceed with caution.




The box is the expanded window box so you can see both characters along with the accessories in the middle. The character names and control art bust shots are below the windows. On top is a picture of Iron Man with the Avengers Initiative logo in the middle. The sides have individual control art of each character. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave.


The Figures

Iron Patriot


The movieverse veers away from the comics in respect to the Iron Patriot. No Norman Osborne under here, rather it’s Stark’s pal Rhodey in what’s best described as War Machine with a patriotic paint job.
Perhaps I’m just being sentimental because it’s Memorial Day but the red, white (silver) and blue paint apps look beautiful; very bright and vibrant. His helmet is really cool, especially the red trim around the top of the faceplate. Underneath you have James Rhodes’ head similar to one from IM2 War Machine with slight change in expression and skin tone. He does have a peg hole in the top of head in case you were thinking of quick customing him in civilian clothes.
Like some of the other armors in this wave, Iron Patriot has a short torso cover. Great job on all the details along with the shoulder cannon attachment that fits nicely in a hole in the back left shoulder. Underneath is full torso details of the underarmor for the front and back (YAY!). He also has a short flat waist cover that boxes his body frame out. Check out the Air Force emblem on his hip; great touch! The top of his arms are molded just like the Mark 42 so same points when positioning his arms at 90 degrees. The top of his legs are not sculpted but have detail lines printed on them. Excellent boots and gloves round out his look.
As a sort of accessory he comes with an extra Eric Savin head; it’s actually the head under the hood in the box (so not to spoil it for those that haven’t seen the film). In the movie Savin gets control of the Iron Patriot for a time. So it’s a fun bonus and makes for simple quick custom with the included Extremis Soldier.
In conclusion this is one patriotic powerhouse.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Extremis Soldier


The Extremis storyline is one of the main focal points of the movie. Basically this serum helps to rebuild the body to enhance its strength and turning each person into a walking power plant.
His face has excellent details showing the glowing red cracks in his skin. He comes with two hairpieces, one blonde and one black. The main torso and arms also have the same red cracks in the skin. There’s also an included vest cover piece so you can mix up his look. He has basic jeans and black boots and gloves.
For accessories he comes with a leg strap that can be used as a holster for the included black gun. However the straps are a little tight, it would have worked better if a knife was included as well. The great thing about this figure is you can mix and match parts to create a whole army of Extremis soldiers. Even using translucent red/orange pieces would work well. It’s a shame they didn’t include an extra female head and torso but if you have the X3 Phoenix variant you could quick custom a female soldier too.
All in all this is a good army builder figure and welcome addition to this wave.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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