Wave 30 of Marvel Minimates is a very Spider-Man-Centric collection featuring alternative versions of the character and a couple of classic villains.


The by now ubiquitous marvel carton with control art and windows on the front. Photographs of the relevant characters on the side flaps, and a picture of the entire wave to the rear.


The Figures

Insulated Spider-Man


Can you hear that scraping sound? Is it the bottom of the barrel? Fair enough this Spidey’s packed in with Electro, but really? Really? Is there any call for this? As far as I’m aware this suit appeared once in continuity and that’s that.


The mask is a blue-coloured slip-over piece. The way the white eyes are done makes it look like Spidey has a furrowed brow. When the slip-over mask is removed it reveals a regular Spidey mask. This looks fine but once again the webbing lines can be seen beneath the white of the eyes and there’s a peg hole in the head that mars the overall look.

Still, this is Insulated Spidey, not hole in the head Spidey so I’m not going to mark it down for these flaws. The palette on this figure is fairly dark. It’s mainly dark blue with red contrasts on the chest, wrists and legs. All the apps look to be well applied, especially the little white symbols on the shoulders. I don’t know what they are? But I like them.


This Spidey doesn’t get a spider-symbol on the chest, instead it’s a different symbol. The red parts of the costume are detailed to look like quilting.

Erm… I’ve run out of things to say about this figure. It looks fine. It’s well made, but well… It’s a bit dull really isn’t it?

Insulated Spider-Man has no accessories. The Spider-people in this wave haven’t done too well with accessories..

In conclusion: The muted colours mean this is a slightly drab and dull Minimate.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10





One of the classic Spider-Man villains, Max Dillon was a power company employee who gained his powers following a freak one-off electrical accident. The sort of freak one-off accident that happened with alarming regularity back in the 1960’s!


Since his creation Electro’s costume has remained fairly consistent. It was designed in a simpler age when colour reproduction in comic books was fairly unsophisticated and so it is a simple two-tone affair. The obvious point of interest is the mask. It’s corny as hell but looks fantastic. DST have done a good job in the molding of this mask though it does appear slightly cumbersome from the side. The mask sits slightly too low on the head (I’ve adjusted this in the photos) so the eyes don’t quite line up. As well as sitting too low the front of the mask is very thick, meaning the eyeholes are very deep and the eyes cannot be seen at all clearly, which does spoil the overall look. Another flaw is only apparent from behind. where, if you look at the back of the flashes you can see a lot of black paint here and there. Very messy.

Remove Electro’s mask and the face of Max Dillon is revealed. It’s a fairly nondescript face and the lack of expression doesn’t do the figure any favours. This is a villain in need of a lunatic grin, not a thoughtful grimace.

The costume is a simple green bodysuit with yellow stripes and lightning motifs. The simplicity isn’t a problem as it makes for a quite dynamic Minimate. The yellow really stands out from the green especially on the mask. Other detailing is kept to a simple chest definition print which doesn’t get in the way of the overall design. Apart from the mask the only non-standard parts are the lightning flash cuff pieces that sit on the wrists. Nice looking pieces and another example of DST giving a Minimate that extra push to really nail a character’s look.


Electro is accessorised with the same electrical discharge pieces that were packed with 90’s Storm from wave 29. Not bad pieces, and you can’t blame DST for the re-use, but I’d rather have seen something along the lines of a bolt of electricity that would extend past the figures hands.


In conclusion: You can’t have too many Spider-villains, and this guy’s one of the classics! 

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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