In honor of the one year anniversary of Judgment Day (according to the Sarah Connor Chronicles) we celebrate our cybernetic overlords with a review of a previously released TRU exclusive vehicle set. Also don’t forget tomorrow is Earth Day; so do something good for the Earth … while you still can!


Packaging is similar to the MAX Stealth Jet previously released with the large blister card. The figure and tank are easy to see and held in place by the usual plastic tray with twist ties. There is a large control art picture of the tank along with bust of the Endoskeleton on the bottom forefront of the plastic tray along with the silver “TRU exclusive” foil mark on front of the packaging. The back of the packaging has a little write-up of the tank and the T2 story with several pictures of the tank’s features.



Hunter/Killer Tank


The Hunter Killer tanks are exactly what they say they are. They hunt down the resistance’s soldiers and kill them. In the Terminator series they are an early model (T-1) of Terminator. The version seen in the T2 movie which is the one this vehicle is based off, I believe, is considered a variation of the T-1.


This tank looks like it rolled right out of the movie and has a few really cool features. The guns positioned on either side pivot up and down and the turret itself spins around. The main turret on top rotates as well along with the core of the tank can spin round. This type of articulation lets you position the tank in so many ways.

I love the details too; the guns, metal panels and even the traction on the tank treads. Now the threads themselves don’t go around but there are small wheels underneath that allow it to move on hard surfaces. On this version the metallic surfaces look very clean and polished; there is a battle damaged version that was available with some nice dirt and scorch marks on the tank. But I like this version better.


What’s really neat is there is a hidden compartment in the tank that allows you to store a figure for transport (you can use the included Endoskeleton). The back flips up and a slot can be pulled back on the bottom to open the compartment. There’s an open hook that lets you slide on a minimate; it fits on the peg between the waist and torso. Then you just slide the slot back in and flip down the back and you have a concealed character. Even with a figure in there you can still pivot the tank’s core. The only drawback I’ve noticed is if your figure fits loosely it can slide down and fall to the bottom of that slot. It takes a bit of flipping over and shaking to get it out.


This is a fun well done vehicle that any Terminator fan should add to their collection.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10




Review and pictures by Lurch77

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