Hark, the Heralds of Galactus are here! Joy be to the Multiverse! Last year TRU along with Art Asylum had a poll for the 2011 exclusive box set for Toys R Us. Designs were shown for Galactus, Nova (Frankie Raye), Morg, Terrax, Air-Walker (Gabriel Lan) & Firelord; the votes were cast and the people’s choice was made into a 4-Pack. Hopefully one day we’ll see the other two characters that were not picked squeezed into a wave.


The packaging is the tall window box with control art of Galactus towering over everyone on top. The sides have control art of the four figures. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this box. The silver “TRU exclusive” foil mark is also on the front.


The Figures


The devourer of worlds and foe of the Fantastic Four (along with pretty much anybody living on a planet in his path). Galactus was released before in large scale as a Minimate MAX statue. Thankfully this time around he’s a bit more articulated.
One of the first things you’ll notice about this figure is the paint job, it’s so sparkly. It really works well and looks incredible; he has that other-world power cosmic sparkle. His helmet is very well executed too; I especially like the improvements made from the MAX statue. His antler ears are at a better angle and the top of his helmet is raised higher so his face doesn’t look as squashed as the MAX version.
And have you ever wondered what Galactus looks like under his helmet? Well now you can find out. He has a nicely detailed and determined look on his face. Also his eyes match positions to the ones painted on his helmet. He has one large torso cover that goes down past his waist. It is a bit bulky compared to his previous design but it looks good and the cover has tons of details. Underneath is his dark pink/purple torso along with a bit of details on his upper arms and legs. To add to his height we have a torso riser between his waist and torso. Add that to the height of his helmet and bulky accordion looking boots and you can see how even though his base is a regular 2″ body he seems to tower above other minimate figures.

For an accessory Galactus has a really cool looking mini-Silver Surfer swooshing by that attaches to the back of Galactus’s torso cover. Even though this is a mini of a mini figure it still has a great amount of detail. The only downside of this accessory is on one of my Galactus figures the peg does not fit in the hole, the plastic swoosh is warped (but on the other figure I have it fits perfectly). Ther is a decent amount of stuff to use for customizing. Just the mini-surfer alone should help spark ideas of other characters that could be done the same way.

In conclusion, Galactus is a must have figure. The colors and design are incredible. He has to be one of the best minimates of all time.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10




Terrax was chosen as one of Galactus’ Heralds and given the mastery of the elements of earth. He has battled with the Fantastic Four and also against Galactus several times and eventually gained his freedom.
I’m impressed with the evolution of minimates, how they have changed from simple block figures to true mini recreations of a character. Terrax is a great example of this evolution. Besides from the flat top head and blocky legs, he doesn’t look like a simple block figure. He looks like he walked right off the comic book page. Terrax has a great stony expression on his face and love the dotted details too. Also a new innovation with the wrap around beard; instead of the beard being a sculpted on the head it’s a removable piece that sits under the head.
He has a large torso cover with flared shoulders that matches up with his waist cover. Since he doesn’t have a torso riser the covers are two separate pieces and allow for articulation point at his waist. The colors look good too, the red and gold parts have a bit of the texture/sparkle that Galactus has too. On my figure there was a bit of bleeding of the red into the blue parts. Underneath he has just a dark blue blank torso and waist.
His arms and legs have the same grey stone color as his head along with details and the dots too. For the glove look he has separate red buccaneer cuffs and has some nicely detailed large boots.
For battle Terrax comes with his double bladed executioner style axe (I have the axes switched in the pics for Morg & Terrax) that itself has nice details on the handle. And what better object for an element master to float around on than a large chunk of asteroid. Very similar to what we’ve seen done with Cosmic Surfer’s board, you have the chunk of rock with a foot peg on top for Terrax to stand on along with a hold in the bottom for the clear flight stand to fit in. This one stand will work great for pretty much any cosmic character.
There’s a ton fodder available from this figure: great torso cover, boots, gloves, beard, axe, flying asteroid and even the base figure gives you a start for stony characters.
Another well done figure with great innovations and great accessories. Even if you aren’t a big fan of or don’t know much of Terrax he still has a lot of potential.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Morg is one bad dude. He was an executioner before becoming herald and all the new gained power didn’t do much to change his mean disposition. Ultimately his heartlessness and lust for power becomes his downfall. 
Unlike the other three characters in this set Morg doesn’t have that sparkle (bad dudes don’t sparkle). He does sport another new innovation, similar to Terrax, he has hair for the back of his head but it is attached from under the headpiece. Morg’s detailed craggy face goes with his gritted teeth “I’m gonna git you sucka” expression.
No torso cover but good detail on his chest that continues his craggy skin looks along with detail for his metallic waist piece. There are also some of the same skin details on his arms. He also has a pair of sharp metallic gauntlets and an awesome pair of spiked boots. Now these boots are the type of thing I was expecting to see on the Destroyer minimate. They really add to Morg’s menacing appearance and they are one sharp pair of boots (literally).
For accessories Morg has his silver axe (I have the axes switched in the pics for Morg & Terrax) along with a purple blast base. Customizers can always put a base to use and his boots and hair can easily be used for other characters.
Overall Morg is perhaps the least impressive of this box set but still a really good figure.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Nova (Frankie Raye) at one time took the name of Human Torch; she even dated Johnny Storm. Eventually she volunteered to become a Herald of Galactus until she was defeated by a new Herald, Morg.
This figure is pretty much a basic base minimate with a couple extras. Her color has that sparkle and with that yellow it does give that metallic look; awesome job! There is not a lot of detail on the body, just a few lines on her legs and details on the torso. Her face also has the simplistic details but what you don’t really notice until you remove the hairpiece is her head is sculpted with those peaks. It is pretty cool looking and also makes for an easy Madam Masque quick custom.
Nova’s hairpiece is really what draws me to this figure. I’m a big fan of Phoenix, so I welcome any chance to get a good hairpiece (especially flame ones) to swap. Nova now beats Starfire as having the biggest hairpiece. It is made of red translucent plastic that extends past her waist. There is a section at the end of her hair that comes out to allow this to fit into a base to give the full flame takeoff look. It works well on Nova and even on Phoenix too.
The only bad part of this figure for me is on mine the top of her left leg rubs against her waist giving her a bow-legged appearance.  Not sure if others have had the same issues but an easy fix with trimming off some of the top of her leg.
In conclusion Nova’s another good character to add to an impressive box set.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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