Marvel Minimates wave 35 focused on one of the biggest films of 2010, the summer blockbuster Iron Man 2. The amount of merchandise tied in to this film was incredible and Minimates were no exception. Iron Man 2 had one specialty store wave and a host of exclusives. As usual for specialty waves, there is a variant, which is Happy Hogan. This review will focus only on him, as the Hammer Drone army builder he is packaged with has already been reviewed this wave.


The standard Marvel package, this time designed to fit in with the Iron Man 2 movie merchandise aesthetic. Unfortunately, this makes for a slightly plain-looking box, as we are used to the comic panels for the background now. Note the “Variant” legend on the packaging.


The Figure

Happy Hogan (Iron Man 2)


Happy Hogan fulfills many roles for Tony Stark, be it chauffeur, sparring partner, or friend he can trust absolutely. He’s played in the movie by its director, Jon Favreau, who was also Foggy Nelson in the movie adaptation of Daredevil. Although he had a role in the first Iron Man film, it was small enough to not really need a Minimate, but he plays more of a part in the second film, so here he is, as wave 35’s variant.


Most of the likenesses to the actors for this wave have been pretty good, I mean, you can tell who they are, but Happy Hogan could really be anybody. It’s quite a generic looking face, which doesn’t resemble Favreau at all. Nor does the hairpiece accurately reflect the character, but it looks a sharp enough style to go with the suit and not look out of place.


The suit looks very similar to the one that came with the original Tony Stark from the first Iron Man movie wave, which does make a bit of sense as a reuse. Unfortunately it means that the figure itself does tend towards the dull side. It’s a snappy look but it doesn’t scream “fun”.

IM2HappyHogan4 IM2HappyHogan5

However, the accessories that Happy Hogan gets make up for this in a big way. First up are a pair of boxing gloves. Now, I don’t think that a sharp suit like that is really one to go sparring in, but it’s a nice gesture and they are relevant to the screen portrayal. The real star of this set is the red and silver suitcase. Yes, Happy Hogan carries the Mark V suitcase armour!


The suitcase itself is sculpted quite nicely, with technological detailing on both sides. There’s also a set of handcuffs, which are plastic with a real metal chain, longer than the set that came with Civil War Captain America. It’s just a shame that they cannot attach to the suitcase at all, so you have to kind of cheat with it and have one cuff on the wrist and one in the hand along with the handle of the suitcase. It’s close enough, and to be honest a functional clasp at this scale would be more trouble than it’s worth.


In conclusion: The figure isn’t all that accurate to the film, but he is a fan favourite and has some outstanding accessories which makes him a worthwhile addition to your Iron Man 2 Minimates.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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