Welcome ghouls, ghosts, trick-or-treaters, and all our blog readers (living or undead)! The staff put together a list of their favorite monster/creature minimates released from all the different lines. Do you agree with their picks? Let us know in the comments and hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!

Lurch’s Picks

Top 10

  1. Retro 1979-Style Alien: love the silver details all over and he glows
  2. Infected Wolverine: sooo creepy with a wicked grin; perfect representation of his look in the comics
  3. Imhotep w/ Sarcophagus: I’m cheating with a double pick but a Mummy has to have his sarcophagus, the details on both are amazing
  4. Zombie Spider-Man: spectacular see-through and the crown jewel of the Marvel Zombie line
  5. Boogieman (RGB): never would have imagined they could pull this off in minimate form; he’s over-sized, frightening and wonderful all in one
  6. Dogslicer Ale Goblin: I love the goblins and although the gitd version gives it a run for it’s money, this one by far is my favorite to take with for pictures
  7. Brood: easily my favorite Marvel army builder figure; who doesn’t love an evil giant space cockroach
  8. Venom Unleashed: it’s not so much the symbiote as it’s Brock’s cuckoo look that makes him so terrifying
  9. Sauron: one giant massively helmeted minimate to rule them all
  10. Louis Tully as Terror Dog: poor keymaster got turned into a dog or is it a cougar or bear

Honorable Mention to the entire Nightmare Before Christmas minimate line for being awesome! Now I just need to track all the figures down to add to my Halloween decorations.


Most desired monster/creature figure or set: Grim Grinning Ghosts- how perfect would this be as a Disney Store Halloween exclusive? The three hitchhiking ghosts done in the blue glow-in-the-dark plastic (same as gith Sally from NBX line) along with a few of the singing head busts as accessories.

Glantern’s Picks

Top 10

  1. Imhotep:  Easily one of the strongest entries in the Universal Monsters line.  The likeness is a spot on Karloff and the level of detail makes it easy to forget this is mostly a vanilla ‘mate.
  2. Alien Warrior (closed mouth):  Aliens is my top movie, and this one wins me over with its creepy grin-like mouth.
  3. Clear Slimer – Best Of:  Slimer’s THE Ghostbusters ghost, and this version truly lived up to the “Best of” title.  The food tampo on the underlying torso seals the deal.
  4. Burning Zombie: The flame piece adds a lot of pop to this figure, and he’s just got some of the sharpest paint of any of the zombies.
  5. Sally:  A surprisingly good translation of the movie design, with plenty of detail work.
  6. Zombie Daredevil: The gaping hole in the torso really makes this guy work.
  7. Ultron Mk 1: Ultron’s creepy patchwork-drone look was one of my favorite parts of AoU and the ‘mate translated it brilliantly.
  8. Borg Drone:  Love the First Contact design and the remaining traces of his Starfleet uniform are so cool.
  9. Subway Ghost:  One of the more uniquely shaped ghosts from the line.
  10. Scolari Brother Tony:  That face is so creepy, it gets me every time.

Honorable Mention to the T-800 Endoskeleton. Those extra pieces make him a little bulky, but the underlying figure really captures the terror of the machine.

Most desired monster/creature figure or set: the Invisible Man and the Phantom to round out the Universal Monsters.  UM is a very fun line, marred only by its few missing entries, and these two would pretty nicely wrap it up.

Smashmaster12’s Picks

Top 10

  1.  Venom Unleashed: One of my favorite minimates of all time also doubles as my favorite monster. Excellent detailing and parts; he can even hold a Minimate!
  2. Jack Skellington (Halloween comic-fest promo): Not only is the movie great, but the Minimate captures this Hot Topic icon to a tee.
  3. The Lizard: A fantastic coat piece and sculpted head makes Dr. Connors an obvious choice to put on the list.
  4. Carnage: Cletus Kasady’s maniacle face and excellent detailling makes one creepy figure. It took over ten years to get an update of him, but it was well worth it!
  5. Alien (35th anniversary box set): While similar to the aliens from the second movie, this version has one thing the others don’t: a transparent head! The skull detailing makes the figure.
  6. Mecha-Godzilla: The second Godzilla set was definitely better than the first, and this figure is the sole reason why. This mechanized monster is a beast in more ways than one.
  7. Staypuft Marshmallow Man: When you say Ghostbusters, most people think of Mr. Stay Puft. His happy grin and cheerful demeanor hide a much darker monster underneath…calories!
  8. Vacation Zombie: Overall my absolute favorite zombie from The Walking Dead. It’s the first zombie made from the series, and has to be one of the most solid in terms of paint.
  9. Munchkin Goblin: Munchkin is one of my favorite tabletop games to play, and it was such a coincidence that I owned the Pathfinder edition when I acquired the figure. Great fun, and meets the aesthetic of the game well, but doesn’t fit in with the rest of the goblins.
  10. First appearance Blade: Does this count? Blade is half-vampire, so that’s why he’s so low on the list. The figure is fun though, and I love his extra stakes. Good detailing and an incredible 70’s get-up, it’s just that he’s only half-monster.

Honorable Mention to Hannibal the Cannibal: The straight jacket and mask piece create one of the most iconic villains in cinema. He may not look like one, but Hannibal is a true monster on the inside.

Most desired monster/creature figure or set: Resident Evil! We already have three figures from the Marvel Vs Capcom line, but I would love to see a full line based around the characters. There’s chances for more zombies, horrendous creatures such as the Tyrant and Nemesis, and even gaming’s most handsome man: Leon S. Kennedy! If only the Capcom product that was released did better, then maybe this line would have actually been possible.

Nessex’s Picks

Top 10

  1. Bride of Frankenstein: The facial expression and hair are just perfect.
  2. Brood: Tentacles and huge teeth! What’s not to love?!
  3. Borg Queen: One of Treks most chilling villains of all time.
  4. Alien: Alien has to be my top horror film. Ever. I had many years of nightmares that centered around the Big Chap.
  5. Nemesis:A Skeleton in armour. And he’s orange! It’s Halloween all year round with this guy!
  6. Punk Zombie: It’s hard to pick which is the best Zombie out of all the Walking Dead figures, but this guy is almost always at the front of my display.
  7. Zombie Surgeon: Remember when we almost got a soda jerk Zombie & a clown Zombie? This guy is what remains of the proposed Maximum Zombie line. And he’s glorious. Look at that bloody minimate hand print on his smock. Genius. Plus – he comes with a chainsaw!
  8. Clayface: A tragic monster from Batman’s Rogues Gallery.
  9. Vachonus: Battle Beasts provided a bevy of monstrous creations, but i think the scorpion was my favourite.
  10. Mr Sinister: Because intelligence is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster. Wisdom is understanding that Frankenstein is the monster.

Honorable Mention to the entire Ghostbusters minimate line! I never collected it, but it was filled with some of the most ghoulish creations in the history of minimates.
Most desired monster/creature figure or set: I’d love to see some classic 70’s horror movie monster minimates from films like Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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