Wave 2 of the Lord of the Rings 2 packs appeared in November 2004. The 5 2-packs have a couple of repeated (but slightly different) figures plus some good guys, including the rest of the hobbits, and some more Orcs. The Grishnakh and Orc Scout 2-pack focuses on the bad guys and provides some Orc action.


The packaging for wave 2 is the same as for the other LOTR 2-packs. Although you can see exactly what you are getting through the window, the cards are larger and more unwieldy than the dinky little Marvel 2-pack boxes.

The back of the packaging shows each of the new sets in wave 2, plus the exclusive Elves. I always like the style of the artwork and text, it seems very faithful to other products in the Lord of the Rings line whilst still managing to bring its own quirky Minimates charm to it.


The Figures



Grishnakh is one of the Orcs who capture Merry and Pippin at the battle of Amon Hen. He is unique in the LOTR line (and is matched only by the Leader in the Marvel line) by having hair (and ears) sculpted onto the head block rather than being a separate piece. I think they did it this way because Grishnakh is bald at the front and on top which might have caused problems visually with a hairpiece fitting over the top. I think it could’ve worked as a separate piece, but still, it looks fine. Grishnakh has a very sinister smiling expression which shows off his yellow fangs perfectly. There is a lot of detailing on the face which brings it out well, because the dark red colour doesn’t stand out very well.


The outfit is dominated by the fur cloak (pelt?) around Grishnakh’s shoulders. This looks good but restricts some movement, both of the head and arms. The rest of the outfit is basic and the colouration is quite dark with only the silver colour on the top of the chest breaking up the rather plain appearance. However the detailing has been painted very well.

Grish3 Grish4

For accessories Grishnakh has a really cool sword, which is long, slightly curved and looks great. Unlike most of the LOTR Minimates who come with swords, Grishnakh does not have a sheath.


Overall, Grishnakh tries hard but isn’t the best LOTR Minimate around. Nothing bad but nothing outstanding either.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10



Orc Scout


Much like the Uruk-Hai in this line, the Orc Scout is a nameless enemy trooper figure. Not as tough or fearsome as the Uruk-Hai, this Orc is best at long-range fighting and for scouting ahead.


As with all the Orcs, the Scout has been well detailed. The helmet, complete with long ears, has a great-looking patch effect for the eyeholes. He has a sneering expression and if you remove the helmet you can see his surprised-looking eyes. The face has a lot of character in it.


The colour palette of this figure is quite drab, the green-grey skin of the Orc complemented in tone by the greys and browns of his clothing. Despite this, the outfit has some nice detailing, especially on the breastplate. As usual for the LOTR line, the paint job is immaculate.

Orcscout5 Orcscout4 Orcscout6

The Orc Scout is brimming with weaponry. First, if you want him to be an adversary for Legolas in the archery stakes, then equip him with his bow. Even better is the fact that you get an arrow with him too, something that’s sorely lacking from the other archers in this line. With a bit of fiddling, he can do a great approximation of firing it due to the wonderful posability of these toys. If you want your Orc scout to get up close and personal with an enemy, he can do that too, having also been equiped with a wooden shield and a small curved scimitar. The shield has a loop to fit on over the gloves of the Orc, much like Boromir’s in this line. All the weapons look great and to get so many really adds to the value and makes it a more attractive option to people who want to amass Orc armies.


Overall, it seems like the better figures in the LOTR line are the army-builders and this Minimate is no exception. Plenty of weapons and a very tidy sculpt mean another winner. 

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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