The Battle Beasts are almost here. To wet our appetites we have two more promo figures that were given out at this year’s C2E2.

If you want a chance to win your own promos, comic and poster be sure to check out the contest in the forum (ends May 31st). Gallery of entries. Winners posted.


Similar to the past Minimates given away at comic conventions, the Vorins are packaged in a small baggie.  Again the printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie showing the Battle Beasts and convention name along with the Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum logos. 


Vorin (grey)

Species: Ram
Raised in the way of all Battle Beasts, Vorin was taught combat from a young age. But after a lifetime of violence, he seeks out a different way for his people, and will battle to make his vision of the future a reality. On his journey, he has found allies who share his vision, and they, too, are no strangers to the ways of the sword, knife and axe. (ref Battle Beasts website bio)
Vorin is expected to be released in his regular colors in the Battle Beasts minimate waves. What’s nice about these promos along with the previous Gator promos is they give us an idea of where they’re headed with this line. So we can expect some highly detailed figures with many unique pieces and some really cool weapons.
Vorin doesn’t use the traditional minimate head or even a slip on cover; the head itself is an entirely new sculpted ram head just for him. The torso cover is quite large and very detailed. You’ll notice the hole in the back that allows his sword sheath to attach. His gloves/hands are a new piece that has the pads curved to the back of his elbows.
We’ve seen hoof feet before on the Boogieman, similar to those, Vorin’s are hinged to the legs with the peg hole in the hoof. The small feet can pose an issue for balance but borrowing one of the clear bases from the recently released minimate sets helps to keep him upright. I’m hoping they include these in the regular Battle Beasts minimate waves.
He comes with a sword with sheath and a shield. The sheath fits nicely in the peg hole in his back. The shield has a neat looking ram emblem on the front and two handles in the back for different options for holding it.
In conclusion these are very cool figures. I’m really looking forward to see what characters are released in the regular waves.

MMC Score – Ramarkable


Vorin (translucent red)

This version is the exact same sculpt as the grey one, only done in translucent red plastic. Another excellent figure and looks spectacular in this color.  

MMC Score – Ramtacular 

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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