Wave 3 gives us more of DC’s signature characters, plus some crucial supporting characters and some villains. This review features another hero vs villain faceoff, with Green Arrow’s archery skills against the master assassin Deathstroke, possibly inspired by their fight in Identity Crisis.

After Playalong/Art Asylum’s “Minimates with building blocks” attempts in the ill-fated C3 range, DC Direct decided to snap up the licence, bringing us 2-packs of Minimates a la Marvel, but with no chase figures. 8 waves were produced in all.



The packaging style for this wave is the same as the first two waves, meaning a consistent look for you MOC’ers. The Minimate’d picture this wave is of Wonder Woman. The figures are held into the back tray of the blister by twist ties.

The back of the card shows off the rest of the wave. I’d’ve liked to see some small bios incorporated like the newer Marvel sets.  



The Figures

Green Arrow

Ollie Queen is a master bowman and ingenious trick arrow inventor, who is the protector (and sometimes Mayor) of Star City.

The Green Arrow looks suitably Robin Hood-esque with his hat on. A green domino mask obscures Ollie’s face. The detaling lines haven’t been drawn on the mask, unlike the goatee which has them. DCD were probably worried that the yellow wouldn’t stand out enough against the skin, I guess.

Green Arrow’s costume is detailed in different shades of green. Especially nice is the dark green to show the muscule lines, it works really subtly. The wide shoulders and the gigantic quiver on his back is one piece that fits over the chest. It doesn’t bulk him up too much as it’s not designed to be a “powerhouse” chest piece. Oh and he has a “G” on the belt which looks really cheesy. No Ollie, just no.

It wouldn’t be much of a Green Arrow Minimate without a good assortment of accessories, and DCD do not disappoint. As well as Green Arrow’s bow, he has 3 trick arrows; a handcuff arrow, a boxing glove arrow and what appears to be a drillhead arrow. It’s just a shame we didn’t get an actual “normal” arrow. With the Minimate articulation and the handy slot for the arrow shaft on the bow you can approximate a firing stance pretty well. It’s much better than the Lord of the Rings bow accessories in terms of usefulness. It’s fiddly but it still looks good.

Overall, Green Arrow is suitably bright and colourful, with workable accessories. A top-notch addition to the ranks of the DC heroes.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Deathstroke the Terminator aka Slade Wilson is one of the DCU’s most feared mercenaries, a master assassin with unmatched skill and a regenerative healing factor.

Deathstroke’s major focus is the mask. It’s iconic to his character, mainly because it’s so creepy with just the one eye showing. Instead of just being a “mask” like Iron Spidey, the back of this one sees the knotted ends of the two pieces that wrap around as the mask, a really nice touch. It’s removable, to show Slade Wilson’s face, which has some great detail such as the scar and eye patch, as well as his goatee. A white hairpiece is included in teh set as well, although I’m not sure if it’s a reuse.

The detailing on Deathstroke’s costume is superb. He sports a chest piece with a bandolier around it, to ensure that it goes all round the body. Chainmail-style detail can be seen on the lower part of the torso, and also on the sides, an area in which some Minimates wouldn’t have had such a complicated paint app, so kudos to DCD for not scrimping. He also has folded boots, which are new to Minimate design and look great.

Deathstroke is all tooled up and ready to fight. He has a sword, nicely detailed with a pointy orange hilt, which can be slotted into a hole in the bandollier on his back for storage. He also has a holstered pistol strapped to his leg which is a reuse from the Punisher. He also comes with his power staff and a machine gun. These are from C3 Robin and Punisher, respectively. More importantly, he just looks cool using any of them, and that’s what it’s all about!

Overall, a brilliant representation of a worthy villain. As a set of two, Deathstroke and Green Arrow should be high on your list due to the sheer amount of accessories with them.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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