Marvel Wave 32 sees a surprisingly sensible choice of variant, though it would have been cool to have somehow got the Bill Foster version of the character into the mix as well. Goliath was originally yet another of Henry Pym’s super-hero aliases. This review will concentrate on just the variant figure, as the army-builder Kree Soldier has already been reviewed earlier in the wave.


The Marvel carton. Can any more be said about this ubiquitous box? As the variant figure in the wave, the box has ‘Variant’ emblazoned down the left hand side.


The Figure


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The mask is a slipover this time rather than a cut-out like the one seen on Yellowjacket. I’m guessing this is because Goliaths’ mask is more of a close-fitting hood coupled with metallic lenses rather than the simpler cowl-type mask. Regardless it does look good. The most striking aspect being that large yellow ‘V’ shape on the forehead, though in the right light the golden paint app on the lenses really leaps out at you. I like that ears have been painted on to the side of the hood. I’m not sure how accurate this detail is, but it looks right, so I’m not complaining.

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Removing the mask reveals a Hank Pym with exactly the same expression as on the mask. It’s a bit of a weird expression, like Pym’s trying not to sneer, but at least it’s distinctive. Surprisingly the alternate hair piece is very different to that packaged with Yellowjacket. This one appears a lot more textured, almost tousled, it’s good though that DST have used the two different pieces to differentiate between the two personas.

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Goliath’s costume is great. It’s incredibly bright and the yellow detailing contrasts nicely with the blue body suit. Paint applications are crisp and bold and really make the figure pop. There’s also some cool gold detailing on the belt but it only really looks right when the light hits at the correct angle. Not sure what’s going on with this belt as this one appears to be misshapen. Almost as though it started out as one of those pieces that clips over the entire T piece but has had sections removed by someone who only has a rudimentary knowledge of how to use a sharp blade. This is only evident upon close inspection though.

Now Goliath is supposed to be stupidly tall, maybe 18 feet high or more. Unfortunately the terms of the Minimates licence precludes DST from making Marvel Minimates higher than 2 inches. There’re a few ways DST can stretch this restriction and here they’ve opted to use the infamous duck feet – pointy oversized feet that peg into the Minimate’s legs. They rarely work. They may add height, but for some the aesthetic sacrifice can be too much. I find myself mainly in the aesthetic’s camp and here is no exception. Yes they add height but they don’t look right. I wish DST would at least attempt to re-design these things or find another workaround for the height restriction. In the meantime, if you really can’t stand the duck feet then at least DST have also included alternative ‘regular’ Minimate feet.

Goliath has no other accessories.

In conclusion: Good call for a variant, but the duck feet spoil what is otherwise a fine looking Minimate.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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