This is a pack containing the kindly wizard Gandalf and Theoden, King of Rohan. As I have already reviewed the Gandalf Minimate in the Gollum, Gandalf the White, Frodo and Uruk-Hai Beserker 4-pack, this review will focus only on King Theoden.


The packaging for the 2-pack sets is good for several reasons. Firstly, it looks very similar to the early Marvel Minimates packaging, being a card and bubble combination rather than a boxed set. This gives you a very good look at the Minimates inside. Also, the same simple yet colourful graphics and overall style of the 4-pack sets has been used, giving a pleasing sense of continuity. However I am now used to the Minimates being packaged in boxes, mainly for the fact that you can reuse them easier. Also, they are secured into the bubble using the same heinous twist-tie method found in the 4-pack sets. This means each arm has a twist tie wrapped round it and then the two twist-ties are then twisted together.


The Figures

Gandalf the White

See review from 4-pack


King Theoden


King Theoden is introduced in the Two Towers. He is the King of Rohan, whose lands are under threat from Saruman and his Orc army. Theoden has a stern, proud expression on his face, and the likeness to Bernard Hill is very good. The hairpiece is unusual in that at the front, it isn’t cut around the shape of the hair. Instead the hairpiece is straight, in line with the top of the head block. It is noticibly different from the other hairpieces because of this.


As with most of the Lord of the Rings Minimates so far, the paint job is superb. Some really nice touches have been added to an already clean paint app, such as the clasp on his cloak, and the gold piping that features on the cloak, his “skirt” and his forearms.

Theoden3 Theoden5

King Theoden comes with a sword and scabbard. In another nice touch, the peg for the scabbard is on the right side, as Theoden is left handed. Again, the sword and scabbard have been brilliantly realised. The accessories in this line are of a very high quality so far. The “skirt” and cloak restrict some movement but it isn’t too bad.


Overall, King Theoden is a very solid Minimate, who has been brought into Minimate scale very well. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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