A few weeks after the Toys R Us exclusive 4-packs hit the shelves, here we have the first wave of 2-packs, each one featuring at least one figure from the TRU sets.

This is a pack containing the hobbit Frodo, the Ringbearer, and a Uruk-Hai Swordsman, one of the many baddies in the trilogy. As I have already reviewed the Frodo Minimate in the Gollum, Gandalf the White, Frodo and Uruk-Hai Beserker 4-pack, this review will primarily focus only on the Uruk-Hai Swordsman.


The packaging for the 2-pack sets is good for several reasons. Firstly, it looks very similar to the early Marvel Minimates packaging, being a card and bubble combination rather than a boxed set. This gives you a very good look at the Minimates inside. Also, the same simple yet colourful graphics and overall style of the 4-pack sets has been used, giving a pleasing sense of continuity. However I am now used to the Minimates being packaged in boxes, mainly for the fact that you can reuse them easier. Also, they are secured into the bubble using the same heinous twist-tie method found in the 4-pack sets. This means each arm has a twist tie wrapped round it and then the two twist-ties are then twisted together.


The Figures



But wait, what’s this? Frodo’s hair is noticibly darker in this set than the TRU 4-pack version:
2-pack Frodo on the left, 4-pack Frodo on the right


Looks like we have our first variant. Mind you, also I think my Twilight Frodo is more of a grey colour than the bluey tinge in other pictures I’ve seen. I guess I’ll have to wait until the 2-pack to be sure.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Uruk-Hai Swordsman


The Uruk-Hai are kind of “super-orcs”, bred by Saruman to form an army capable of taking on the great kingdoms of men. This guy will do it. He’s awesome. First off, the helmet. It’s large and intimidating, with just a slit through wihich you can see the eyes, and a crest which further adds to his height. Excellent details are sculpted on, like the riveted side pieces, and the Uruk’s flowing hair coming out of the back out the helmet. The helmet keeps the mouth visible, and the Uruk-Hai is snarling, showing off his yellow teeth. The helmet is removable, and the face that is revealed is excellent. Fittingly, it is similar to the Beserker Uruk-Hai’s face.


There isn’t a lot of painted detail on this figure, but what’s there has been well done. However it is the sculpted details that set this figure apart, such as the shoulder armour pieces, which have been designed to band around the upper arm, but be low enough that they don’t restrict any shoulder movement.

UrukHaiSwordsman7 UrukHaiSwordsman6

As well as the helmet and armour pieces, the Uruk-Hai Swordsman comes with not one but two swords. He has a longsword with the spike at the top, and a smaller cleaver. These go very well stylistically with the Uruk-Hai Beserker, and makes the Swordsman look a very intense foe.


Overall, it looks like the Orcs are setting the standard in the Lord of the Rings Minimates line. First the Beserker, and now this Swordsman. He has the look, he has the accessories, and he has the detailing, which make him one of the best in the line so far. 


MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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