Catching up on some of the previous waves, we have a couple of classic Avengers: First Appearance Iron Man and Hulk. 


The packaging is the old standard window box with control art below the windows. The sides have individual picture of the two figures. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave. The LCS wave 41 release of this set has the new larger window box.




The Figures

First Appearance Iron Man

We’ve seen many Iron Man outfits over the years and many versions in minimate form too. This version is as he first appeared in the comics. Now I’m a little fuzzy on what is his actual first look. Early on there was an exclusive Classic Iron Man minimate that I always considered his first look but there’s a couple differences from this costume. Also this is pretty much the same as the Mark VI Armor from the Iron Man Through the Ages box set.


Iron Man has a simple slip-on helmet. The details for the eyes and mouth are more intricate but the tampos are lighter. Same thing for details on the torso cover; I do like the vents on the back. Underneath is much better. You have a very classic looking Tony Stark face and they included a nice hairpiece to go with. Excellent details on the main torso with a retro looking under-armor. Even the waist has the belt details that are also on the belt cover.


The colors have improved over the Mark VI Armor. The Mark VI has a shinier silver color (more akin to what Silver Surfer should have) and this new version has an excellent brushed metal look. The belt is a repaint of the one from the first released Iron Man figure just with slight sculpted detailed put in the back instead of the front. He has bracelets and boots with treads on them to complete his outfit.


Iron Man comes with two accessories. One is a metal blaster gun (same one used for Stilt Man) and the other is an extra hand with extended finger. Just on parts alone you have a lot to work with from this figure: slip-on mask, torso cover, belt, bracelets, treaded feet, pointing finger.


In conclusion he’s not perfect but he’s a good update.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Next up we have the formerly known as Mega-Rage Hulk; the Mega-Rage part got dropped between initial press release and actual release. Now had I reviewed him before I reviewed the Avengers Box Set Hulk and movie version Hulk he would have gotten a higher score; but we’ve seen what improvements can be made with the newer versions.


Hulk has the same body structure from the other bulked-up versions: torso, shoulder and thigh covers, belt cover/riser, large hands and feet. This one doesn’t have the improved shoulder cover where it wraps all the way around the arm but instead has the slit in it. It still looks good it just tends to slip down on the arm. Also his hands are the closed fists instead of the new open hands.


Now for the good parts. Hulk has a great expression for his face with details that do stand out nicely. He comes with two well-done hair pieces that give you two distinct Hulk looks. His classic green and purple colors are slightly muted but it looks good.


No other accessories are included with him. He is a good base to create new figures. Unfortunately his colors don’t match any of the new versions so can’t do simple part swaps to improve him. But hopefully down the line we’ll see another Hulk with the updated shoulders and hands that are this same color so we can mix and match.


In conclusion, Hulk is Hulk.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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