Released in early 2014, Wave 54 of Marvel Minimates definitely had a theme.  All the figures in this wave were based around Captain America, in order to somewhat tie-in with the then upcoming movie.  This review focuses on variants of Cap and his arch nemesis the Red Skull.

The Packaging

The packaging by this point was all pretty standard issue, being the slightly updated window box we’d been seeing for a while.  This time around, it was orange, which seems slightly odd for a Captain America-themed assortment, but it looked alright, I guess.  For pictures, head on over to the Database entry.

The Figures

Fighting Chance Captain America

“Captain America has always relied on the super-soldier formula in his veins to help him dodge bullets and heal any wound. But when the formula begins to turn against him, he’ll need all the extra protection he can get!”

First up, the lead hero of this wave, Captain America.  This figure depicts Cap from a storyline where the effects of the super-soldier formula began to wear off, which served as an excuse to give him padding and pouches.  Because the ‘90s, that’s why!

Cap is built on the usual Minimate body.  He features 9 sculpted add-ons: Mask, shoulder/chest padding, glove cuffs (with straps!), a leg holster, a matching leg-thingy for ammo, and his trademarked boots!  The mask is a reuse from the WW2 Cap released in the Captain America Through the Ages set, but everything else appears to be a new sculpt.  This includes the boots, which have been reworked to fit a bit better.  Everything else looks appropriately detailed, and very “pouch-y”.

The paint is quite good.  Cap’s face is covered in lines, which seems right for the art style, and the torso is fully detailed under the armor, in spite of the fact that the armor can’t really be removed.  There are a few fuzzy lines, notably on the sleeves, but overall, everything looks okay.

Cap includes an alternate hairpiece, which was reused from The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, a handgun, his mighty shield, and a clear display stand.

This Cap design is a pretty heavily dated one, and would hardly be anyone’s first choice, but it makes for a reasonably interesting figure.  There have probably been worst Cap’s, although if I’m honest, I’m hard-pressed to think of one now…maybe Cap’s just had really good ‘mates.

MMC Score — 6 out of 10

Robot Red Skull

“The Red Skull’s mind was trapped for years in the mind of a Russian general, but he eventually transferred his consciousness to one of Arnim Zola’s robot bodies. But he has his eye on a new home: Captain America himself!”

Next, the arch enemy of Captain America, the Red Skull!  …Sort of.  This is “Robot Red Skull”, who supposedly represents the Red Skull after he transfers his mind into one of Arnim Zola’s robot bodies, following the death of the Russian general he was inhabiting before.  Okay, so that happened.  I think that was actually during the Ed Brubaker run on the series, so it was probably much better than it sounds.

Robo-Skull is built on the typical body, so he’s got the usual stats.  Robo-Skull is one of the less sculpt-heavy figures in this wave, but he still features a brand new head, plus shoulder pads, and a skirt.  Go ahead, insult the skirt.  I dare you.  The head looks nice, and seems to be accurate to what they were going for.

The rest of the figure relies on painted details, which look very nice.  The face on the torso in particular is very cool looking!

Robo-Skull includes a Red Skull mask that fits over the robo-head, a hand holding the Cosmic Cube, and a clear display stand.  The Cosmic Cube in particular excites me, because it’s a piece that’s been sorely missing for far too long!

Like Cap, this variant’s unlikely to be anyone’s first choice for the character, but it’s certainly something different.  Different doesn’t always translate to “good” but I can’t really say he’s “bad” either.  The included Cosmic Cube is practically worth the price of admission alone, though.

MMC Score — 6 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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