Here we have a very worthy exclusive – a Minimate which will be given away on Free Comic Book Day on May 7th. This was set up by comic publishers and comic stores to promote the medium of comics by giving away back issues or special cut-down stories to get “the kids” interested in comics again. DST and Art Asylum are helping promote the Free Comic Book Day with this special exclusive Minimate, a very savvy decision that could net more interest in thr Minimates phenomena. Although you can’t go to your local comic shop and get these until 7th May, I have been sent a preview one courtesy of the kind people at Stuckakid.


Like all the promotional Minimates, the Free Comic Book Day Minimate is packaged in a small baggie. The printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie.


The back of the baggie has the logos of DST, Art Asylum and also the Free Comic Book Day logo.


The Figure

FCBD Blank


This blank Minimate is again using what I consider to be the newest Minimate body type, with the differently constructed legs, longer torso peg, C3 feet and the hole in the head similar to the wave 8 and 9 Marvel Minimates. 


Visually, the FCBD Minimate is incredibly similar to the Toyfair 2005 Minimate, being a white blank with a logo on and having no other distinguishing features. He makes a great companion for the Toyfair blank too because of their shared minimalist design and coloring. The Free Comic Book Day logo looks fantastic here – the square logo takes up the space on the chest very nicely, and the logo itself is very clear, to the point where if you squint you can see the web address at the bottom of the logo.


As usual for the blanks, the joints are pretty tight, although as this is a higher run exclusive (reported to be around 40,000) then the quality might not be on a par with the lower run exclusives for every Minimate.


As with all my other promo exclusive reviews, the Free Comic Book Minimate doesn’t get an actual MMC score, but I will say it is well worth getting hold of on May 7th, both to promote Free Comic Book Day and to show your love of Minimates. If you’ve never sampled the delights of blank Minimates before then really what have you got to lose?


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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