Marvel Wave 28 is loosely based around the insanely popular X-Man Wolverine, though really only one other character in the wave is a true supporting character, the rest being either teammates or having the most tenuous of connections. They have all been on most fan’s wishlists for a long time, however, making wave 28 one of the most anticipated waves in Marvel Minimates history. Wave 28’s variant is a First Appearance version of Wolverine’s greatest foe, Sabretooth. This review will concentrate on just the variant figure, as the Skrull has already been reviewed earlier in the wave.


Standard Marvel packaging. A cardboard carton with windows through which the figures can be seen. In a marked departure from previous waves the large Minimate Spider-Man graphic is missing from the ‘J’ hook area of the box and the Wolverine logo sits proud above the window section. This pack gets “Variant” displayed down the left hand side of the carton. Other than that it’s business as usual. Each character has it’s own side flap and the rear of the box features a picture of all the characters in the wave and bio boxes for the figures within.


The Figure

First Appearance Sabretooth

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Although most famous for being Wolverine’s arch-nemesis, Sabretooth actually debuted in ‘Iron Fist #14’ in 1977.

The face is recognisably Sabretooth, you could even swap heads between this variant and the regular contemporary version just in case you got bored with their expressions. The hair is obviously different as it doesn’t have the headpiece of the later costume. I like the way the hair has been done. There are lots of different textures going on here, especially around the back of the hairpiece where it really looks as though the hair has been brushed back from the sides and met in the middle. Sabretooth’s expression is still one of a stone cold killer, though on this ‘mate perhaps not quite as bestial. Nevertheless it’s a great looking piece of work.

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This version of Sabretooth isn’t as bulky as he became later, and so there’s no powerhouse chest piece. There is still a mane though, which is worn over the shoulders and meets in the centre of the chest. This mane is the only non standard Minimate part, barring the claws which are obviously a re-use of the same pieces from the regular Minimate. The style and layout of First Appearance Sabretooth’s costume are similar to the current costume. The main colour is the same but the brown contrast in the centre of the body is instead black. There is also what appears to be animal fur at the wrists and ankles, and this Sabretooth’s feet are brown. There’s some heavy musculature detail on the chest block but the lines of it are far more basic than we’ve seen on a lot of other recent Marvel Minimates.

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First Appearance Sabretooth has no accessories, just like the regular one in this wave. It’s no biggie.

In conclusion, this figure is distinct enough from it’s regular counterpart, making it a worthy variant.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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