No matter how great the change, a change in comics will always even out in enough time. In the last decade Marvel and DC have both become very entrenched in doing their best to convince everyone that this change will be the one that sticks, before inevitably resetting everything back to where it was. Ultimately, Bruce Wayne will always be Batman again, Tony Stark will always be Iron Man again, Bruce Banner will always be the Hulk again, and Steve Rogers will always be Captain America again. But, it’s certainly okay to let others who take up those identities have their time to shine, especially if they’re a good fit, such as Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, as the newest Captain America. I’ll be looking at the first official figure of him in the role today, along with pack-mate Red Onslaught.

The Packaging

FalCap&RedOnsPack1 FalCap&RedOnsPack2

The packaging for this set (and Wave 62 as a whole) is just a variation on the same usual design for Marvel Minimates packaging.  The Axis logo at the top lets everyone know what event this wave is based on, which is convenient, I guess.  The purple does have a nice pop to it, and the figures are showcased well.  As with several of the recent waves, the bonus parts are advertised on the front, which is nice to see.

The Figures

Falcon as Captain America


Steve Rogers may have tons of Minimates under his belt, but this is only the third time Sam Wilson has made into ‘mate form. Here’s to lots more! As Captain America, Sam’s only actually had one look, so that’s the one DST’s gone with here. It’s actually a good merging of the Captain America and Falcon looks, and a pretty strong design all around, so I can’t really complain.

Falcap&RedOns3 Falcap&RedOns5 Falcap&RedOns4

Cap’s got 5 add-on pieces, used for his hair/goggles, harness, wings, and belt. The harness is re-used from the Wave 55 Stealth Cap, but the rest are all new pieces to this figure. They’re decently sculpted and accurate to the source material. The left wing has a peg to attach the shield, which is nice, but without an extra piece, it means that he’s permanently left with that pesky peg.

Paint wise, Cap’s kind of a mix of good and bad. The colors are nice and bold, and the detail work is pretty sharp for the most part. However, the base color work is all over the place. Literally. He’s got a lot of slop and bleed over, especially on the mask piece. The overall figure looks alright, but that slop sure is annoying.


Cap is packed with a spare hairpiece, his mighty shield, a pair of wristbands for a sans wings look, an extra wristband for use with the shield, a flight stand, and a clear display stand. That’s actually a pretty great assortment.

I had no interest in Axis or any of its fallout, and as such wasn’t super excited by the prospect of a whole series of ‘mates based on the story. That said, I really like Falcon and the concept of him taking over Cap’s role is cool. The design translates very well to ‘mate form, even with its paint flaws.


MMC Score – 7.5 out of 10

Red Onslaught

Red Onslaught. Oh, Red Onslaught. Let’s combine one of the most menacing Marvel villains with a literal walking Mega-Event. Brilliant. But hey, sales is sales. Plus, it means DST gets to reuse all those fancy parts they sculpted for the Wave 50 Onslaught, so that’s a win for them.

Falcap&RedOns8 Falcap&RedOns10 Falcap&RedOns9

The figure makes use of 11 sculpted add-ons, all reused from the aforementioned Wave 50 version. The parts are nicely sculpted, sharp looking, and they do a good job of bulking him up.

Paint is where this guy really deviates from the Wave 50 counterpart. Where the 50 version was done up in metallic colors, this one is all flat colors, which make for a sufficiently different look. He’s also got the expected Red Skull detailing for the head, which is easily the best Red Skull we’ve gotten so far. The paintwork on the armor is good, but the real cool part here is what’s under the armor. He’s got a fully detailed Red Skull look underneath, which is certainly a cool touch.


To aid with the alternate look, the figure has a black trench coat and a pair of black hands and feet, as well as an extra head and helmet to complete the Onslaught look, a cosmic cube holding hand, a bandaged stump (for Skull’s Uncanny Avengers look), and a clear display stand.


I was not initially enamored by having to buy Red Onslaught, but the extra Red Skull parts make the figure really worthwhile, especially since it’s the best ‘mate of the character so far.


MMC Score – 9 out of 10


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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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