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Jack Bauer is back! No not in new minimate sets; this is an exclusive 2-pack from years ago, back when the original show was in full swing. But Jack is back on TV! You’re just going to have to trust me. Let’s move on to the review, we don’t have time to waste.



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The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessory. The front has rather interesting design with a big 24 logo in the upper left and graphics with barcodes, numbers and letters. It’s very cool looking. There’s also a fye/Suncoast exclusive sticker on the pack. On the back shows the figures together along with a long CTU profile.
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The Figures

End of Day 2 Jack Bauer

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And you thought you had long days. Jack Bauer takes the meaning of a long day to a whole new level. This is Jack as he is at the end of his second season “day”. If you haven’t watched any of the 24 series it’s definitely worth binge watching on Netfilx.
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For a figure that was released seven years ago, he still stands the test of time fairly well. He has a decent blonde hairpiece and good facial details. You can see the scuffs on his forehead along with blood seeping from cut by his eye and even a bit of 5 o’clock shadow on his chin. It’s not 100% match to Keifer Sutherland but close enough.
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His torso cover black jacket has a curve to the zipper on front and a little holster attached to his right hip. It’s an odd piece and not the best jacket released but serves its purpose. Underneath the jacket is his bare chest with a little bit of torso detail. They didn’t include a spare set of flesh colored arms so can’t pull of the shirtless/jacketless look. The rest of the figure is basic black base pieces with flesh colored hands.
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The big bonus for this set is the gurney. It’s all one sculpted piece so the wheels don’t move but it is a great looking extra. Love the little blood pack on the bed.
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This is not my favorite Bauer minimate in the 24 group but still a solid figure.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


End of Day 2 Nina Myers

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Nina was a great character on the show. I did not expect the twists that came with her storyline. This is Nina in her captured in-custody outfit. Don’t ask why just go watch the show.
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I really think they did a good job of getting the look of her minimate character just right. The hairpiece is a great match and even though she has somewhat simple facial details they do fit her. I like the little smirk to her smile.
Her outfit is all in grey, there’s a little detail on her torso and even a couple lines on the side of her shoes. What stands out is the waist-piece that has a little hook to hold the chain for her cuffs. Speaking of, the little cuffs and chains are very cool and were a first for minimates. They are actual little metal links that attach to plastic cuffs that fit on the minimate arms. For an unchained look, simply turn around the waist-piece.
24d2 16
No extra accessories (besides the cuffs) come with Nina. She is great for custom fodder as you can swap on any other head and it will pass for a prisoner minimate.
24d2 14 
Years later and still a good figure.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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