The 2008 movie ‘The Incredible Hulk’ was supposed to be a reboot of the Hulk franchise after the lukewarm reception, and indeed box office takings, of Ang Lee’s 2005 ‘Hulk’. The 22nd wave of Marvel Minimates is based upon the characters as depicted in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ movie.


Standard Marvel Minimate packaging comprising of the familiar carton with J-hook. The hook section of the pack carries the usual logos. The sloped section has the Hulk logo, and the front of the carton features waist up photographs of the Minimates themselves. Abomination looks a tad radioactive on the packaging shots. The side flaps also feature photographs of the ‘mates, one to each side.

The back of the pack features the ubiquitous group shot of the entire wave. Like the Iron Man movie packaging, the biography boxes are missing from this wave. Must be a movie thing.


The Figures

Emil Blonsky (The Incredible Hulk)


The movie version of Emil Blonsky is a soldier who subjects himself first to a dose of super-soldier formula, and then, when that isn’t good enough to defeat the Hulk, he undergoes exposure to the same Gamma radiation that created the Hulk. The two formulas cause a bizarre mutation of Blonsky’s body and the Abomination is born. More cunning than Hulk, but is he as strong?


Facially? Nah, nothing like Tim Roth. A good attempt’s been made but really the likeness just isn’t there. As with the majority of movie themed Minimates this little guy is quite dull in appearance. Nice new hairpiece… Errrr, that’s it.


Blonsky’s wearing black body armour over very dark clothing. It doesn’t lend itself to a very exciting ‘mate. The armour is well detailed though, and it’s nice to see a hint of flesh colour’s been painted on to the open collar piece of the chest block, even though that section is obscured by the character’s head. The only other non-standard piece is a wrist watch that’s worn on the figure’s right wrist. Strangely this is a seperate piece and not painted on as with the Betty Ross Minimate.


Blonsky’s accessorised with a machine gun and night vision goggles. Both look nice but the machine gun sits very loosely in the figures hands. The googles however, sit nicely over the ‘mates hairpiece.

In conclusion: Another non-thrilling movie-mate.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10



Abomination (The Incredible Hulk)


Movie Abomination is markedly different to the comics version. The reptilian look is gone. Those huge finned ears are gone, He’s even a different colour green to his comics counterpart if anything this version of Abomination looks as if he’s plant based rather than mammalian.

The face isn’t bad but… There’s just not enough detail on it. Abomination’s expression is top notch but there’s none of the nobbly sinewy-type detailing to the rest of the head. It’s just the face tampoed onto a green head block.


The body has been made a little taller via the inclusion of a new piece that slips over the crotch-piece. This new piece has a raised circular section on it which stops the chest block sitting flush against the top of the crotch-piece. It’d probably look quite weird on its own but it’s covered up by the huge chest-sleeve that sits over the chest block. There’s some nice work done on this sleeve, the spinal cord emerging from the back looks great and there’s quite a bit of that sinewy texture printed on to the front. Unfortunately it seems confined mainly to the front. There are hints of it on the arms and at the shoulders but nowhere near enough. Another minus to this figure is the bad painting on the chest piece, It’s probably just mine again, DST do seem to target me with duff Minimates, but the bottom of the chest-sleeve has a fairly noticeable area which hasn’t been painted. Very poor!


Abomination has the clawed Venom hands first seen in wave 2 he also has the ‘duck feet’ as well as an alternative pair of ordinary feet. For some reason Abomination has gold toenails and a gold dew claw around the back of his feet. I don’t remember him having gold toenails in the film, but then I wasn’t checking his feet out. There’s also a hint of detailing at his knees but I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be.

Abomination has no accessories.

In conclusion: Not a bad looking Minimate but one that doesn’t really do the character justice.


MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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