A holiday promotional item given out to some retailers from DST/AA. It was the 2007 holiday promo and since the 2″ Star Trek waves were going on around that time, what better line to promote than Trek.  


Similar to the blank Minimates given away at comic conventions, Elf Spock is packaged in a small baggie. Again the printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie showing Happy Holidays 2007 from Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum.


The Figures

Elf Spock 

So let’s see: elves wear green pointed hats and have pointy ears, Vulcans have pointy ears, Spock is a Vulcan. So logically, if you slap a green hat on Spock that makes him an elf: Elf Spock.
He is the exact same figure from the 2″ Star Trek Wave 1. I like the facial expression and detail. Cheekbones, eyebrows and pointy ears all spot on. The biggest addition is the green elf hat complete with white brim and ball at the end. It’s so small it had to be handmade by elves with their tiny little elf fingers. It’s glued to the minimate head and also glued in the drooping position although it is bent higher than the Santa Spidey’s hat.
Spock is wearing his Starfleet uniform shirt. Good detail with the Starfleet logo and the gold piping around the sleeve cuffs. He has the standard Starfleet uniform black trousers with the cuff pieces around the bottom of his legs.
The Wave 1 figure came with an alternate hand for the Vulcan salute (live long and prosper), this promo had the alternate hand on the minimate (no extra). Since it’s a holiday figure we’ll call it the “Live Long and have a Prosperous Holiday Hand”.
Since he’s a promo figure he doesn’t get a score but what’s not to like, this is a fun figure. Hang him on your tree, put him around the Menorah or the Kinara, or just take him with to your Starfleet office holiday party and get trashed on some Romulan Ale (send pics to MMC).  

Happy Holidays! 


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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