Battlestar Galactica is one of the best Science Fiction shows ever to grace US television. Cast all reminiscence of that cheesy 70’s rubbish aside. This is quality TV with something to say. No one ever expected minimates based on the show, so the first rumblings were a huge surprise. DST tested the water with limited edition sets of Cylons both modern and classic, and it appeared they had a bit of a hit on their hands. This first wave of Battlestar Galactica (BSG) ‘mates arrived in the first quarter of 2007. Yeah we’ve taken our time getting to review them. Sue us!


The packaging is sweet with a capital S. DST have gone for blister cards with these mates, and the design of the blister made me almost want to keep my figures carded. Almost! The Battlestar Galactica logo is on a cardboard inset at the top of the blister, while the bottom of the blister features the names of the characters within, and the Battlestar Galactica crest in the centre. The same card has a kind of wing detail swooping up the sides. [I think the bubble is meant to be a represention of a Viper pilot helmet – Ed] The figures themselves are clearly viewed through the bubble and accessories are also on show. The backing card itself has a nice smoky, nebula type graphic going on. I really like this packaging.

The rear of the card features a nice cartoony type picture of the BSG cast rendered as Minimates, and photos of all the ‘mates in the wave including the variant. It also features more logos than is good for it. There’s the Sci-Fi channel, Universal, Art Asylum, and Diamond Select Toys logos all in the bottom left corner of the card. What with those the CE information and that huge UPC window it’s a wonder there was any room at all for other graphics.

The Figures

Lieutenant Dualla

First up for review in this set is Anastasia ‘Dee’ Dualla, a communications officer on the bridge of the Galactica. She starts off as a petty officer but is promoted to Lieutenant by the time the 3rd season rolls around.


The face on Dualla just isn’t very good. The skin tone is wrong and apart from the eyes having the same piercing qualities as Kandyse McClure’s (The actress who plays Dee) there’s not enough detail to really emphasise it’s Dualla. Even the mouth is wrong. Dee just doesn’t smile all that often. The hairpiece is new and has a microphone and earpiece molded to it.

The body is very simple, not to say that’s a bad thing in itself. Some of the best Minimates I’ve seen have had the simplest of decos. The trouble is that Dee is presented in very dull olive drabs with detailing confined to the chest block and a little hint of a belt on the t-piece. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with this ‘mate. It’s just dull to look at.

Even the accessory is just a plain old clipboard. 10 out of 10 for accuracy DST but minus several million for imagination. They could have at least given her a gun, or a hair down hairpiece which might have jazzed her up some.

In conclusion, a very simple Minimate which is nothing to write home about.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10  

 Captain Apollo

Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama. Rebellious son of the Commander of the Galactica. Lee’s an ace pilot and an able soldier. He just chafes at being the son of his father and is forever trying to prove he’s his own man, and that he’s earned his place in the fleet.

Facially there’s not a lot to say this is Apollo. It’s clear they’ve tried to capture the look of the actor but the cheekbones are too far around the face to really nail him. It’s always tricky trying to capture real people in Minimate form though, so I’m not going to criticise DST for not getting it 100% right. The hair is new and does look like how Apollo has worn his hair during the show.


The body is where this Minimate shines, literally. There’s a nice metallic sheen to the figure that illustrates the rubberised flight suits the viper pilots wear. There’s also a nice oversleeve on the chest which captures their bulky jackets. A hell of a lot of detail has been painstakingly added to this oversleeve piece. There’s all sorts of belts, buckles and padding going on. Thanks DST it’s noted and appreciated.

The belt is another new piece which has an amazing amount of detail to it considering how small it is. There are insignia on both the right and left shoulders. The left insignia is the crest of Battlestar Galactica. I’m not sure what the blue insignia on the right shoulder is, but it’s nice to note that it’s there. There’s a gun holster on the figures right hip and again there’s the tiniest detail on the outside of the holster. I find it hard to find fault with the detailing on this figure. It’s up there with the best of the Minimates I own.


Apollo comes with a blaster pistol which is a good Minimate-style representation of the colonial warrior sidearm. He also comes with a flight helmet. You have to remove his hair to fit the helmet over his head, but who’s going to complain about that? The helmet’s a good fit too, I’d complain about the lack of a plastic visor but that would be really petty.

In conclusion, DST pull it off. This is a great Minimate, and a worthy start to the BSG line.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Stewart Kay 

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