There’s no denying that Aliens Minimates got down a formula pretty quickly.  And that formula was definitely [human character] + Alien.  It’s admittedly not a terrible formula, since it does keep the focus on the titular monsters, while still managing to give new characters.  Or variants of characters we already have (or were soon to have), as was the case with today’s focus set of Dress Uniform Lt. Gorman and an Attacking Alien Warrior!

The Packaging

It’s the same blister card set-up used for the rest of the line.  It maintains consistency, fits the style of the film, and highlights the figures pretty nicely.  No complaints here.

The Figures

Dress Uniform Lt. Gorman

Lt. Gorman made his first appearance here, albeit in a more obscure uniform.  The standard Gorman was packed with the specialty release of the APC, so this set includes Gorman in his dress uniform from when he and Burke go to meet Ripley about returning to LV-426.  Far from action-oriented, but a valid look, I suppose.  

Gorman’s mostly a vanilla-mate, with only a belt add-on.  He’s missing his hat from that scene, but I don’t believe there’s a proper hat available to re-use, and new tooling obviously wasn’t an option.  

This figure is mostly carried by the paintwork, which does a pretty good job recreating Gorman’s look from early in the film.  I’m not sure the head really captures William Hope, but it’s a fair attempt.  It’s worth noting that, like both Apones, Gorman’s patch still incorrectly reads “USMC”, not “USCM” like it should.  It’s a minor issue of course, but it might be nice for DST to catch that one of these days.  

Gorman includes a handgun and a clear display stand.  Is it sad that I might have actually preferred a cup of coffee to the gun?

Overall, Gorman’s a decent ‘mate, but not particularly exciting.  I suppose he’s fine if you just want Gorman without having to buy the APC, but let me ask you:  why would you want Gorman without the APC?  Why?

MMC Score – 6 out of 10

Attacking Alien Warrior

We’ve seen this Alien Warrior several times before, starting with the Aliens vs Marines army dump set that kicked off the line.  It’s a pretty standard Xeno, so it’s hard to complain about it showing up again.  It being packed with this version of Gorman seems a bit odd, since he didn’t wear his dress uniform on the planet, but I suppose the Alien is here to make the set a little less stuffy. 

The Alien includes two eggs (one opened, one closed) and a clear display stand.

Obviously, this ‘mate’s not going to make or break this set.  It’s still a decent figure, but I’m glad that DST started investing in more divergent variants for the Xenomorphs.

MMC Score – 8.5 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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