This new line of Pathfinder minimate figures are based off the role playing game of the same name. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, I recommend you check out Paizo.com. There’s a ton of info, games and more on their site. As for minimate figures there have been several sets released along with exclusive goblins. Up first for review is the Dogslicer Ale Goblin.



Similar to the past bagged minimates given away at comic conventions, it is packaged in a small baggie.  The printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie showing the Pathfinder logo, goblin name along with Paizo, Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum logos.
DGoblin01 DGoblin02


The Figure

Dogslicer Ale Goblin


This goblin was available fittingly enough at a brew-house (Scotty’s Brewhouse) at last year’s GenCon (then online at various websites afterwards). The goblins are my favorite characters of the Pathfinder line.
DGoblin04 DGoblin05He has an over-sized minimate head with sculpted ears protruding from the side. Even the one ear has detail with a little ear-ring. I like the leather hand-stitched look of his painted outfit. Especially the little bird skull on his forehead. He also has a wicked looking grin with beady red eyes. There are a few spots here and there where the paint apps are a little off (around the ears and shoulder pads) but overall a decent job.

DGoblin06If he appears shorter than normal, it’s because he is. The arms and legs are shorter pieces with the forearm/hand and shin/feet being one solid piece with no articulation at the wrists or ankles. His arms have sculpted pads on his shoulders. The main torso has nice detail work (stitching) and love the little goblin head pictures on his skirt piece; it looks like something my kids would draw (not a bad thing, in fact quite the opposite as my kids loved this little detail). There’s even a smaller picture on his knee.

DGoblin07For accessories he comes with two large medieval looking silver knives with holes in the blades. He also comes with a clear base stand. As a figure he’s great for customs whether using the larger head or smaller base body to create other characters.

DGoblin08I love these little goblins, they are just so much fun. I’ve added them to my minimate travel box that goes with us on trips, just in case the perfect photo op presents itself.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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