Marvel Minimates wave 19 had some often-requested characters in its selection, making it a hit when it appeared in comic stores in early 2008.


No change in the shape of the packaging since the last wave but it’s a lot brighter. Wave 19’s packaging shares the same dark blue/light blue colour scheme and features character art work behind the photographs of the Minimates. On the front of the box Death Archangel has been nicely posed as if in flight, while Apocalypse looks as if he’s supposed to be imposing but instead comes across a bit ‘meh’.

The back of the box has a group shot of the characters in this wave as well as a nice big Minimates logo above them. There’s also the usual biography boxes explaining who the characters are and what their powers they have. Quite useful for people who may not know what characters they’re buying.


The Figures

Death Archangel


Warren Worthington III was one of the original 5 X-Men who years later jumped at the chance to join up with his former buddies as X-Factor. Sadly for Warren his career as the Angel seemed to end when, following a harrowing encounter with a team of evil mutants known as The Marauders, Worthington had his wings amputated. Once discharged from hospital he took to the skies in his personal jet only for it to explode. His team mates believed him dead, and were even more horrified when Death (He was named ‘Death’ not Death Archangel), the leader of Apocalypse’s horsemen revealed himself to be none other than Warren Worthington III.

The face on this little guy is an absolute corker! The stylised death mask is almost too cute, but has just enough nastiness about it to suggest that this isn’t someone to be messed with. I’m very impressed with the gold paint application, and even the odd speck of gold against the pink contrast line is forgiveable when you consider the work that must have gone into producing it. The mask is removable and the former Angel’s mutated visage is a delight to behold. The empty eyes and stern expression give the further impression that this is one badass villain.


Death Archangel’s outfit is really quite intricate and again DST have done an excellent job on it. The pink circuit-board like contrast lines are nice and crisp and never bleed over into the blue of the bodysuit. The torso definition is maybe a bit too heavy but it doesn’t spoil a great looking figure.


Let me talk about the wings. They’re fantastic. I love the way DST have approached the wings. Instead of the bulky chest pieces that spoiled the DC direct Hawkman and Hawkgirl (in Hawkgirl’s case, ruined!) DST have opted for a slimline piece that attaches under the head, runs down the back and re-attaches at the waist. It is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the other method, and while the wings aren’t perhaps as poseable it doesn’t spoil the figure in any way. The wings themselves are magnicent. They’re eerily elegant, in perfect proportion, and spread out nicely from the figure before sweeping forward. Taken as a whole this is one fine looking Minimate and very, very eyecatching indeed.

Death Archangel has no accessories.

In conclusion: One of the best translations from comic book page to Minimate that I’ve ever seen.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10





Though this shape-shifting mutant first appeared in the 1980’s in the pages of X-Factor, his back story suggests that the centuries old Apocalypse may well be the first ever mutation in the Marvel version of Earth.

This is an excellent rendition of Apocalypse. The face is extremely well done. Stern, authoritative, he looks like he wouldn’t be taking crap off of anyone. The red eyes in particular stand out very well against the pale grey of ‘poccy’s face.


Apocalypse has been bulked out by the addition of a one-off chest piece that represents his body armour. There are some nice silver highlights on the armour, particularly the ‘A’ that sits in the middle of the neck ring. ‘poccy is further bulked out by large gauntlets on his wrists and extremely large boots. These help him to tower over most other Minimates and make for a very imposing ‘mate. There is a crotch piece that fits over the Minimate t-piece much like on the Battlestar Galactica modern Cylons. This crotch piece also helps add height to the character and has another ‘A’ motif that sits at Apocalypse’s midriff.

The crotch piece serves a further purpose, one not apparent until you turn the Minimate around and find the tubes that appear to exit Apocalypse’s body at the waist and then re-enter at the wrists (or indeed, vice-versa) I’m not sure what exactly these tubes are supposed to do, apart from to look cool? But on the Minimate all they do is hamper movement. They’re not very pliable and while I can get the right arm raised to chest level the left has to remain in the neutral position as the tube always comes away from the cuff. A shame as though the tubes look good, and are integral to the character, they do spoil the playability of the ‘mate.

Apocalypse has no accessories.

In conclusion: Looks excellent but the design spoils the articulation.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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