Fresh from this year’s SDCC comes an exclusive box set filled with more Deadpools than you can shake a stick at. Wade has gone all “heroes of cosplay” on us with 3 4 outfits from the comics and one special DST creation. Let’s dive in and see just how crazy this set turns out…




The packaging is the tall window box with control art of Deadpool as Spidey, Wolverine, Cap & Thor at the top and “Deadpools Assemble!” logo in the middle. The SDCC exclusive logo is in the upper right. The sides have control art of the four figures. On the back is a mini-bio of the wackiness that is Deadpool along with a group picture of all figures in this box.
Check out the massive amount of accessories that comes with this pack!


The Figures

Captain Ameri-Pool


This entire set is basically a build-your-own Deadpool parts extravaganza. Every part has been used before but it’s awesome to see how well everything matches for this box set. Up first we have Deadpool in Captain America’s thread as Captain Ameri-Pool.
The facemask is a reuse of the one used for Marvel wave 25 Captain America, repainted in Deadpool’s red, white and black. Underneath is Wade’s scarred face with well done details. The detail doesn’t go all the way around like his wave 28 version but still impressive.
I love the torso cover chosen; reuse of Caps WWII cover from the TTA box set. Underneath he has good details for the stars and stripes (albeit red, white and black). Nice sculpted belt, buccaneer boots and cuffs round out his outfit. Even a spare non-pegged cuff is included (something I wish was done with all shield carrying figures). All the paint apps are clean and stand out very nicely.
Specifically for this outfit he comes with a shield but rather than trademark star has a Deadpool logo in the middle. As you can see in the packaging pics, there are a TON of extra accessories. Included are enough clear bases for each figure. What I would consider community items that each figure could use are 4 silver pistols, 2 green blade katana, 2 katana with black handles, 2 katana with brown handles, 2 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, a brown satchel and a spare Deadpool head (with no peg-hole on top). All the figures and parts in this box make for great custom fodder.

In conclusion, God Bless Ameri-Pool!

MMC Score – 10 out of 10




Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be unworthy shall possess the power of THOR-POOL!!
His helmet and cape are from the MvC Thor with a bright red paint job. Deadpool’s red mask detail is on the base head; his triangle-shaped eye-slits are a nice touch. I also like how the blue on his outfit contrasts with the black details. It really makes the details stand out. Yellow bracelets, belt and high-top boots round out the look. The paint apps on his helmet and arms are marginally off. You only really notice because how perfect they are on the other figures.
For accessories he comes with Thor’s hammer; be sure to check out the inscription. Also included is the spinning hammer (with red hand) and a takeoff flight base.
In conclusion, verily awesome!

MMC Score – 9 out of 10





How could we have dress-up Deadpool without him as his bestie, Cable?
Straight up reuse of Retro X-Force Cable’s outfit; from his hair, boots, mega-pouched shoulder pads to all his guns and knife. And you have to love the little repaint touches like the Deadpool logo rather than X logo. Deadpool’s face has the cool gold detail for Cable’s cybernetic eye.  
But wait, there’s more! Strip down all that Cable gear, pop on the spare head and underneath you have a modern Deadpool. Even a spare pair of feet and black ankle bands are included. The paint apps and details are perfect! 
Lots and lots of accessories for this one. All the shared community items work for Cable-Pool. However the two large futuristic guns, the small modern handgun and knife all fit on the back of the shoulder pads. There’s also two gun holsters that easily fit the silver handguns. As you would expect he is not at a loss of firepower.
So much is included and this is such a fun figure that this is my favorite of the set.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10


Phonics-Killer Iron Deadpool


Don’t go searching for this variation in the comics, you’re not going to find it. This is all dreamed up just for this box set. Love the name: Phonics-Killer! However there is a surprise inside.

DPA39 DPA40 

They reused the outer shell of the Phoenix Killer Iron Man Armor from the AvX box and gave it a Deadpool paint job; complete with large logo on the front and little Deadpool face on the top. If you’re going to create characters for fun it’s a good idea to use parts from an already top-notch figure. Same as before it comes with a massive shoulder cannon; times 2! An additional hole was created on his right shoulder to give him twice the firepower. Same massive gauntlets and leg covers along with incredible sculpted detail all around.

DPA41 DPA42 DPA43 DPA44 

Flip up the hood and surprise, there’s another bonus. Deadpool in his homemade X-Men outfit. Spare yellow hip piece, hands, cuffs and boots are included to create the whole figure. Basically giving you another extra character! The detail and paint apps again are top-notch.

DPA45 DPA46 DPA47 

Besides the parts for the Phonics-Killer shell and the spare set of parts to create X-Men Deadpool, he can also use all the community items. The satchel looks really good crammed with a bunch of weapons slung over his shoulder.


 DPA51 DPA50 DPA49

Twice the figure, twice as nice. Overall this set is so much fun and a must for any Marvel fan. There is just so much packed into the box. One of the best features of minimates is the ability to mix and match parts and this set thoroughly reinforces that idea.


MMC Score – 10 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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