Who doesn’t like a pretty blonde that can shed her skin and have a new nightmare emerge to act out her deepest, darkest impulses? She sounds like a few girls I knew from college. So let’s see if this figure is a dream or a nightmare…



FFb1 01

The packaging is a large size blister card that show off the figures in the foreground. There’s an insert with the large Femme Fatales logo along with logos for each of the character’s comics: Dawn, Darkchylde, Lady Death and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose. The back has a group shot of the figures in this set along with paragraph for each figure/comic.  
FFb1 02


The Figure


FFb1 09

Ariel Chylde is a cursed teen who can become the creatures from her many nightmares and then must save her small town from the forces of darkness she’s set free. So yeah, she has some issues to work out, but come on, she’s cute!
FFb1 11
Darkchylde has a long flowing blonde hairpiece with two big purple bat-like wings protruding out. The wings are very detailed and love how you can see the leathery veined texture on them. She has simple female facial details. 
FFb1 10FFb1 12
Her left arm starts out normal but then turns into a purple elongated claw. It’s very creepy but well done. The rest of her looks like a normal skimpy clothed teen. Her red tank top has a little heart in the middle and she has to have the shortest daisy dukes even seen on a minimate.
FFb1 13
She doesn’t come with any extra accessories. A simple part swap of her left arm and hairpiece and you have an instant generic teen figure. Also her bare feet and almost bare legs are good for customizing as we don’t get many bare feet minimates.

Like her character in the comic this figure is a delightful mix of beauty and the bizarre.

MMC Hearts– 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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