Here we have a pack containing Jean Grey and Cyclops, who is the chase figure for the 3rd wave and appears here without his visor. As I have already reviewed Jean Grey (with normal Cyclops) this review will concentrate only on Cyclops (No Visor).


The packaging, like other Minimate sets, is very cool, with the Ultimate X-Men logo along the side of the card. The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have twist-ties holding them in, as well as clear elastic bands holding their arms to their sides.

Overall, the look is consistent to the normal Cyclops/Jean set, as the colours do not change. Both X-Men look good together as they are both in uniform.


The Figures

Cyclops (no visor)


he chase figure in the third wave of Marvel Minimates is Cyclops, minus his visor. The visor stops him shooting his lasers from his eyes all the time, so I’m not sure why we have this variant.

The figure is different to the original Cyclops figure as it dispenses with the visor/hairpiece and just has a hairpiece. Ears are sculpted onto the hairpiece, as previously the visor hid them. Also he gets a new facial expression, with goatee. This face detailing looks better than the original Cyclops, as the mouth is drawn better. However, the bulk of the figure is reused from the original Cyclops Minimate, without even being a different colour like the previous two chase figures.

The main problem with this figure, in a playability sense, is that the hairpiece will not stay on his head. It’s even worse than the Logan figure in this wave, but at least that hairpiece fitted around the figure’s head. This kind of just sits on Cyclop’s head without making real contact with the top.

Overall, Cyclops without his visor, with no extra accesories, is a poor choice of figure. I didn’t really like the first one all that much, and he at least had the visor, which is visually Cyclop’s signature look.

MMC Score – 4.5 out of 10




Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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