This other SDCC exclusive box set is based off the ongoing crossover event with the Avengers vs the X-Men. It includes three of the main players for the X-Men (Cyclops, Emma Frost & Colossus) along with the girl at the middle of the conflict (Hope). It’s definitely worth checking out this set; it’s a blast!


The packaging is the tall window box with control art of Cyclops at the top and Avengers vs X-Men logo in the middle. The SDCC exclusive logo is in the upper right. The sides have control art of the four figures. On the back is a mini-bio of the AvX crossover event along with a group picture of all figures in this box. 


The Figures



Scott Summers’ grandfatherly instincts are kicking in wanting to protect Hope in this battle between superhero teams.
Cyclops’ outfit is pretty consistent over the years; visor with jumpsuit. This version comes with two masks and a hairpiece. The mask/visor is similar to past releases just with black coloring and little notch where his nose would be. The extra mask has his optic blast recreated in translucent red plastic. It’s really a cool looking extra, just be sure to use the included clear base stand for balance when using this headpiece. The hair is reuse of one seen with Hawkeye. Good details for his red shades along with first open mouth yell we’ve had for him since his first release back in wave 3. 
Rest of his outfit is his black jumpsuit with lots of detail lines and muscle highlights. He comes with gold bracelets for his gloves and boots but what’s nice is underneath is the same gold details. So whichever you like the bulkier look with them on or slimmer look with them off.
No other accessories but the extra headpieces and bracelets more than make up for that. So it goes without saying that with all this he is a prime figure for custom fodder. Along with a quick swap/paint of that optic blast visor is great for previous Cyclops figures.
X-Factor Cyclops is still my favorite design for him but this is an awesome figure to add to your collection.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Emma Frost

Emma Frost was once a powerful enemy but now she’s a main part of the X-Men team. She’s also dating Cyclops; what’s up with him and the telepaths? Even though she hasn’t had many previous releases, she continues the trend of bringing sexy back to the minimate form.
Emma’s hairpiece gets more and more detailed with each of her releases. This one fits her style nicely. She has a cold expression on her face done in simple but well-done details.
The outfit details are similar to one we’ve seen in her Astonishing X-Men figure with a bit more *ahem* chest details (where’s Danny when you need him). She must be using some of her telekinetic power because her corset is only on the front, her sides and back are completely skin tone colored.
She does have a new cape with a nicely done job of new minimate ingenuity to keep it in place. The cape itself wraps around her below her neckline but it’s kept in place by hooks that fit on her arm pegs. Love the little X-logo pinned right in the middle. The only downside is limited arm movement.
No extra accessories for Emma either. However like Cyclops this figure is good to mix with previous character releases to update them and make a definitive version on your own.

In conclusion Emma may have that cold expression but this minimate is anything but cold.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



I really need to catch up on my X-Men comics; when did Colossus become the Juggernaut?? (*Fear Itself) So this is Piotr in his new “avatar of the Juggernaut” look. I’m not a big fan of seeing Colossus like this but one good thing about comics is if there’s some story/outfit/character that you don’t like, just wait a little bit they’ll end up changing it (*Phoenix Five). Of course sometimes that works in reverse and they change the good stuff too.
He has a great new sculpted Juggernaut helmet; instead of just the bolt studs at the bottom this has it all around his eyes, mouth and head. Underneath is one of the better Colossus faces that we’ve had released; unfortunately I couldn’t get the eyes and mouth to line up well to see through the helmet.
His torso cover is slightly raised in the back of the neck to accommodate his helmet; this may be why the eyes/mouth don’t line up well. Same yellow and garnet color we’re used to seeing with Colossus just on larger cover with some added chest and back muscle detail. The muscle detail doesn’t line up with the sculpted parts of the torso as it’s printed too far down. Underneath is a garnet blank torso base. I was sorta hoping for a powered down version of him under this outfit but not to worry, wave 47 will be here soon with new Colossus figure.
He has large fisted hands and shoulder covers with armbands (repaints of Juggernauts) along with belt with added torso riser for height extension. Thigh covers and large boots to round out the bulk look.
No extra accessories included. Lots of parts, covers and large bulked up bodies make for good custom fodder as always.
Not his best look but a decent figure.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Hope Summers

Hope was the first mutant born after the events of “House of M” and “Decimation” arcs. She is the focus of the AvX series, believed that she will be the new host of the Phoenix Force.
Hope’s going to be in the running for best equipped minimate of this year; such great accessories. But before we get there let’s start from the top. Short cut red hairpiece with very Jean Grey like facial details. She has an interesting looking tan cloak that has a little hole in the back for weapons or other accessories. The cloak is high enough off her shoulders that it doesn’t hinder arm movement. Underneath she has a bright green torso with yellow stripes. The paint apps on her are top notch; I really like the details on her shoulders too.
Hopes gloves are one piece even though the hands look to be separate. They look a lot better than the larger size ones (like Shadowland Iron Fist). I don’t recall seeing these on another figure before. New sculpted belt piece too with X-logo and a brown leg strap with gun peg. The only part slightly off with her outfit is her shin/knee pads are painted on are not as sharp looking when she bends her knee. Feet with the small boot front would have worked better in my opinion.
Now for accessories; she comes with two futuristic guns both large and small and if you can believe it .. our first ever jet pack with blast effect!!! The jet pack has a peg on one side and peg hold on the other, so like with Hope the peg side will fit in her cloak. But if you have a harness like one of the ones Captain America has for his shield then you could attach the jet pack to the harness and you have an instant jet pack for just about any figure you desire!! For the blast effect there’s a translucent orange flame section that snaps onto the base of the jet pack. Then for added propulsion they’ve included the same flame base we saw first with Nova, this fits into the bottom of the other flame piece.
So much included for a great looking figure.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10; Minimate Jet Pack = AWESOME!



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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