With Marvel wave 24, DST went back to the cash-cow that is Spider-Man, giving us more Spidey plus some more villains.


Wave 24 packaging remains the same as wave 23, and continues as a style for the latest releases in 2009. The decision to package the figures without the masks on really hits this wave, putting the emphasis more on the control art as it is more familiar.


The back of the box has the whole wave pictured, and the bio boxes are kept, which is nice to see.


The Figures

Cosmic Spider-Man


DST have never been a company to shy away from a Spidey variant, but unlike other companies they do try and bring out Spider-Man Minimates that have basis in the comics rather than kid-friendly brightly colored “aqua” or “jungle” variations, and Cosmic Spidey here is a nice example of that.


As this is a new costume we haven’t seen before in Minimate form, the inclusion of the full face mask works fine. There is a lot of detail on the mask which stops it looking over-sized. Spidey’s normal red webbing has been replaced by a really cool blue star-field effect, although the mouth area keeps the red, meaning he is still identifiable as Spidey. At least, when I took him into work, my colleagues were able to name him! Around the back of the mask, chains of white blobs are present, looking like DNA strands or something. The mask itself is the easiest to remove of any figure in this wave.

Thankfully when the mask is removed Peter has a very determined expression on his face, rather than anything goofy. This really works for him here, along with the hairpiece, a reuse from wave 18’s Black Unmasked Spidey.


The real draw for this version of Spidey is the new costume. It’s a very simple, streamlined look – there are no weblines or spider symbols. Instead the white blobs from the back of the mask are present on the top of the chest block and the arms. The coloring is especially nice, the metallic blue very different from Spidey’s usual colours. The rest of the outfit is a very pale blue, almost white, with some muscle detailing on the chest and legs, as well as on the back. Taken on their own, the legs would seem boring but they help break up the busy-looking top half and the overall look is a pleasing one.


Like the other Spidey’s in this wave, Cosmic Spider-Man has no accessories.

In conclusion: A nicely executed Spidey variation. Not a must-have figure but what we do get is pretty good.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Transformation Venom


Somewhat strangely, we seem to keep getting Venom Minimates in the Marvel line. This is the 5th Venom in the line so far (not including the latest Mac Gargan Venom), and the second to be called “Transformation Venom”, after the movie version in wave 18. I know he’s a popular character, but it still seems like a lot. However, this one has a lot to recommend it.


In his review of the movie version of Venom, Rad said that Venom was a character who would benefit from a full slip-on mask, as it would give the head a little bit more size. That’s exactly what DST have done here, and the result is the best looking Venom face yet seen; all huge white eyes and a real mouthful of fangs. The detailing could do with being slightly higher on the mask though.


Remove the slip on mask (not an easy thing to do on this figure, mind) and we get another DST innovation. The head block has two expressions on it, something fans of Minimates have been asking for since the start. Here we get a reasonably sane looking Eddie Brock, with his square jaw, and on the back, crazy Eddie; totally bonkers-looking with his mad eyes and huge grin. Both faces have exceptional detail, although some may think they are a tad too “busy”. Eddie gets a hairpiece to cover up whichever face you don’t want to display, it’s a yellowy-orange reuse of the hairpiece that Civil War Iron Man came with (thanks to JJay for letting me know).


As the addition of a mask AND 2 different faces proves, this Venom is all about interchangeability. The initial chest block piece has the black suit working its way up Eddie’s body, leaving the top of his chest thus far unexposed. The detailing here is lovely – the partial white spider symbol contrasting against the black of the suit, the white lines of the legs not quite fully completed.

This figure also has two chest-pieces. The first is something I have no idea about why it was included. It looks like body armor, with the white spider symbol painted on. The second is the more familiar looking powerhouse chest piece, similar to the one included with Powerhouse Venom in the Classic Spider-Man boxset. The detailing on this piece is superb.


We also get 3 different sets of hands – one set flesh colored, one set of Venom hands in the usual Minimate hand style, and a set of full-on longer claws. You can mix and match these, creating many different looks between all the pieces. With so many options truly this is a very versatile Minimate. Eddie even gets a camera – a reuse from the movie version of Eddie Brock, but it’s a nice touch for a figure already overflowing with extras.


In conclusion: The best Venom so far in terms of bulkiness and detailing, plus a load of extra pieces to boot. A winner, even if you already have several Venoms. This is the definitive version of Eddie Brock and Venom.


MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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