The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica continues to wow fans and the Minimates based on the show must be doing the same as they’ve made it to a third wave. Here we have two of the main stars of the show, Lee Adama and Kara Thrace, both of whom have been represented in the previous waves.


The packaging is exactly the same as the previous two waves, with the obvious exception ofthe blister inserts, and the photos on the back of the card. It works really well so the fact it hasn’t changed isn’t really a problem.

The rear of the card features same picture of the BSG cast rendered as Minimates, and photos of all the ‘mates in the wave including the variant.

The Figures

Commander Lee Adama

This Minimate references Lee Adama’s promotion to Commander of the Battleship Pegasus.

Take the head from the Lee Adama figure from Wave One, stick it on the body of Admiral William Adama from Wave Two. Hey presto, it’s Commander Lee Adama from Wave Three. Job done, let’s go down the pub, mine’s a treble.


It does seem like DST are cutting corners with some of the releases in the BSG waves but I don’t really think that’s the case. If we only ever got Lee in a pilot suit then fans would complain that we didn’t get Lee in his officers uniform. It’s a necessary evil and it makes reviewing the figure very difficult indeed. The only way to approach it is to review the ‘mate on its own terms so…

Facially it’s not too convincing, but that’s down to Jamie Bamber (the actor who portrays Lee Adama) having the temerity to possess a face that doesn’t translate well to a half-inch plastic cylinder. There’s also something a bit ‘off’ about the quiffed hair, they’ve tried to give it a tousled look but it just doesn’t work.

Onto the body, well, we’ve seen the Galactica Officer’s uniform a few times now. At first I didn’t mind the Minimate version but now I start to question the need for the chest piece as in my opinion it adds unnecessary bulk to the figure. Extra bulk is fine on the pilot suits but I feel the officers would have been better served by having a basic ‘mate body.

Thankfully DST’s people seem to be waking up to the limitations of the military-outfit Minimate and have started to trick them out with some nice accessories. Lee gets a nice family portrait (which admittedly is of no use to man nor beast) and an alternate hand that’s holding a playing card (the same as Colonel Tigh’s in Wave Two).

In conclusion, another nicely built Minimate but nothing to get excited about.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10

C.A.G. Kara Thrace

In Battlestar Galactica Season Two, Kara is transferred to the newly reappeared Battlestar Pegasus and assumes the role of C.A.G. (Commander of the Air Group) responsible for the ships’ Viper squadrons.

Initially I thought this was another case of different head stuck on different body, but this is a new Starbuck ‘mate. The face is new, the two previous Starbucks – Toyfair exclusive 2007 and Wave One’s Starbuck – had a very severe expression, most noticeable around the eyes. This version has a much more relaxed countenance, her eyes appear to be a lighter green, and her lips have been given a different colour too. It’s a much nicer looking Starbuck than we’ve had before, but it still looks nothing like Katee Sackhoff. Kara’s sporting a new hairpiece too which is tied at the back, nice to see but it still seems to be the wrong shade of blonde.


Onto the body. Oh my good gawd it’s another BSG officers uniform, big yawn! C.A.G Kara Thrace has a light blue seam/piping running up the front of the jacket, as the BSG officer uniforms have different coloured piping to denote rank. Wave One’s Admiral Cain has white piping. Admiral William Adama, Colonel Tigh, and Commander Lee Adama all have red piping.

Kara’s been tricked out with some great accessories. Like Lee Adama she has an alternate hand that’s holding a card, so now we’ve three card players we can get a Minimate card school going. Also included is the welcome return of the cigar holding hand which was first seen on the Toyfair 07 preview ‘mate. The really killer accessory is the Galactica Top Gun tankard. It’s been well reproduced in its tiny form and Starbuck looks great with it in one hand and a cigar in the other.

In conclusion, nicely thought out, but Kara/Starbuck is in danger of becoming BSG’s Wolverine/Spider-Man. I’d hate to get sick of Kara Thrace.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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