Here we have a pack containing Colossus, and Wave 13’s chase figure, DoFP Wolverine. As I have already reviewed Colossus this review will concentrate only on DoFP Wolverine.


The chase figure is not represented well on the packaging, as Colossus appears to get most of the focus, being slightly in front of Wolverine. The “VARIANT ENCLOSED” banner, missing on waves 10 and 11, has now been put back on to the chase packaging.


The Figure

“Days of Future Past” Wolverine


I guess it was hard coming up with a variant for such a tightly-focussed wave. Wave 13 has built up the new Astonishing X-Men team, which limited what can be done for a variant. If they hadn’t tried to partially simulate Kitty Pride’s powers on her figure, maybe we could have had a non-phasing Kitty with a clearish one as the Phasing variant, similar to how we have seen Sue Storm or Emma Frost as chases in previous waves. Instead, we get a figure that has no link whatsoever to the Astonishing team. DoFP Wolverine, or, to give him the full title which obviously couldn’t fit on the box, “Days of Future Past” Wolverine.


“Days of Future Past” was a classic X-Men story which was set in a nightmarish future. Mutants were being hunted down by Sentinels and either killed or forced into concentration camps. The Wolverine in this set is from 2013, but he still has his trademark worldweary, sneering expression, just with a few more lines on his face. The hairpiece is again New X-Men Wolverine’s, except this time he has some grey hair.


Not a great deal of detail on this figure, but the source material doesn’t really allow for much. In their dystopian future, Wolverine doesn’t wear a traditional X-costume, instead he has a jacket and jeans, much like his regular “civilian” incarnations, except now in brown. If this figure wasn’t a chase, I’d wager that the jacket would have been a separate piece, like his New X-Men counterpart, however as this is a straight repaint of the Astonishing Wolverine, no such luck. It’s just detailed on the chest block. The yellow gloves stand out nicely though.


This Wolverine is no different to the billions of other Wolverines seen in the Marvel line, having no accessories at all.


Overall, this figure doesn’t really fit the rest of the wave, and is a bit bland in execution due to the limited colour palette. There are plenty of better Wolverine’s out there.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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