Here we have a AFX-exclusive pack containing 2 versions of the invincible Iron Man, the first in his Classic costume, the second in his newer Silver Centurion armour.


The packaging is the now-usual Marvel Minimates box as seen in the last 3 waves. It features the Marvel Universe logo and also has the faces on the side of the box.

The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have no twist-ties holding them in. Instead, a second clear tray piece fits over the top and then locks in, meaning that these figures are held in well and can be seen from each side.

The picture on the back of the packaging is the same as the Wolverine/Mariko exclusive set, which isn’t the same as wave 6’s. Maybe wave 7 will have the same picture as this one. There is a tiny AFX logo on the back.


The Figures

Classic Iron Man


The first figure in this set is Iron Man based on his original comics appearance.

ClassicIronMan2004-2 ClassicIronMan2004-3

Classic Iron Man is a very distinctive Minimate. The dark grey colours are muted, giving the figure a unique look. The shoulder piece, with the aerial sticking out, also looks good. There is no painted detail on the Minimate apart from the helmet, which has the eye and mouth holes blacked out. The helmet is removable to reveal Tony Stark’s moustached face. Even his mustache is black (unlike the grey goatee beard of the yellow and red Iron Man).


Classic Iron Man comes with no accessories, and unlike the yellow and red Iron Man or the Stealth Iron Man, does not even have a separate hairpiece for when the helmet is off. The helmet is far easier to get on and off than on the previous Iron Men. This figure also has the C3 feet that the last batch of exclusives had.


Overall, this figure has a very distinctive monochrome look, different to most Minimates but being different isn’t a bad thing.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Silver Centurion Iron Man


The second figure in the set is another version of the Iron Man armour which Tony Stark first wore in 1985.

SilverCenturion2 SilverCenturion3

The helmet is similar to the red and yellow version of the Iron Man armour, with its faceplate detailing and eye and mouth slits. The main problem with the helmet isn’t that it’s hard to remove but that it’s too short for the head block and therefore you always get Tony Stark’s neck visible at the bottom which really ruins the look.


The Tony Stark face is the worst one yet seen, with huge bushy eyebrows and his mouth in an inappropriate yelling position. Not many Minimates can get away with such an expression, and this isn’t one of them. It just looks silly. Also, the positioning of the face detailing along with the raised part of the shoulder piece, added to the fact that the helmet is too short, makes it seem that the head block is thicker at the bottom of the block than on a normal Minimate. I think this is an illusion, but it’s enough to put me off the figure.


The detailing on the costume is excellent. The gloves and belt are bigger than on the other Iron Man suits, which works really well with this figure. The triangle piece on the chest plate, along with the backpack on the other side, has been well realised. It’s a shame that the red colour of these pieces doesn’t match the painted detail on the torso block itself, it’s slightly the wrong shade. Apart from that, the paint job is superb, with very clean dark highlighting similar to the yellow and red Iron Man.


Like the Classic Iron Man, Silver Centurion comes with no accessories, and does not have a separate hairpiece for when the helmet is off. In addition, the right arm on mine is extremely loose, it appears that in retooling the later Minimate arms (including the C3 ones) the same flaw that appeared in the yellow blank has surfaced, that the top of the arm piece does not grip the ball joint on the shoulder hard enough.


Overall, I really wanted to like this Minimate as the design is great, but it has too many flaws.



MMC Score – 5 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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