2011 was a very crowded year for super hero movies, and Marvel Minimates in particular had three movies to contend to, vying for space in the line.  If you’re not careful, such a thing can have a detrimental effect on comic-based Minimates, but DST was on top of it, releasing three comics-based assortments that year, one of which was based around that year’s movie stars, Captain America and Thor.  I’ll be covering one of those Cap sets here.

The Packaging

These figures used the same basic Marvel packaging design.  They’re notable for only being the second assortment to use the wider single window, as opposed to one window for each figure.  The red that makes up the majority of the color isn’t my favorite background choice, but I suppose that’s more personal preference than anything.  Head on over to the database entry if you want to see it for yourself.

The Figures

Arnim Zolo

Though just a regular guy in the movie released that same year, as a comics figure, Arnim is presented here in his classic “face on a chest monitor” look, which is definitely the one to go with if you’re doing an Arnim Zola figure.

Arnim features a uniquely sculpted camera head and torso piece, as well as reused “puffy sleeves.” The pieces work pretty well, and give a nice depiction of the character’s usual look.  He’s perhaps not quite as mobile as other figures, but he’s Armin Zola, so that’s only really a moderate issue.  Also, I think this is probably the best use of the puffy sleeves to date, so he’s got that going for him.

The paint work on the figure is all nice and clean, with no slop, bleed-over, or fuzzy lines. He also features some impressive detail work on his “torso face” which pretty much perfectly replicates Arnim’s snicking, disembodied face.

Arnim’s a pretty important character, who hadn’t yet and hasn’t since gotten a Minimate.  This one does a pretty respectable job of capturing the character.

MMC Score — 7 out of 10

Civil War Captain America

Yes, it’s another Cap. This one has been dubbed “Civil War Captain America” but I’m not really sure why. Cap wasn’t involved with the historical American Civil War (and if he had been, I doubt he would have dressed this way) which only leaves the Marvel cross-over of the same name. However, Cap doesn’t dress like this in that story. It seems that the real inspiration for Cap was actually his incarnation on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, where he was frequently seen wearing a similar outfit while riding around on his motorcycle.

At any rate, the figure features a sculpted helmet, jacket, belt, left hand w/ shield strap, and boots. All of the pieces have been used before, with the helmet coming from Ultimate WW2 Cap, the jacket coming from James Rhodes, the belt coming from Cap reborn, the hand coming from one of the movie Caps, and the boots coming from numerous figures. The pieces are all good pieces and work pretty nicely.

The painted details aren’t bad, though I’m not the biggest fan of Cap’s face. The Avengers logo on his arm is also a nice touch.

Cap includes a spare set of arms and gloves and a proper Cap mask to allow you to display him as a more basic Cap, as well as a hairpiece for all those wanting him unmasked.

Civil War Cap is an okay figure from a technical standpoint, but in a year that was full of standard Caps, this one suffers from some serious redundancy.

MMC Score — 7 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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