Another Marvel Boxset released in summer 2008, this time based on the insanely popular Civil War storyline that ran across 2006-2007. Civil War was an epic story and the ramifications of it are still being felt in the Marvel Universe today.


Standard Marvel Boxset pack by now familiar to all Marvel Minimate fans. The box is decorated with a half red/half white design featuring what looks to be artwork from the Civil War Mini-Series. The four Minimates within are depicted in a group action pose on the front of the box. I particularly like the way they have Iron-Spidey upside down as if dangling from a web-line. The front of the box also has a logo proclaiming it to be an AFX (retailer Action Figure Xpress) exclusive.

Both of the box’s side flaps feature head-shots of the Minimates. The rear of the box continues with the red and white theme, the Minimates are shown in their alternative guises and each character has a small biography box devoted to them. The figures and accessories are contained in a plastic clamshell tray.


The Figures

Civil War Captain America

Captain America believed the Super-Hero registration program was wrong and rallied dozens of heroes to his cause. Following a heated battle in the middle of Manhattan Island, Cap realised that his principles were not as important as the collateral damage and injuries to civilians caused by the infighting. This Minimate depicts Cap as he gave himself up. Beaten, bloody,but still proud.

The DST guys have gone all out on this ‘mate. Swap out the Steve Roger’s hairpiece for Cap’s mask and the figure comes alive. Cap’s mask is half hanging off and Cap himself is pretty beaten up. The work on the mask is superb. Little things like the alignment of the eyeholes are nice touches, and the grazing to Cap’s face is subtly done.

Cap’s costume has also taken a pounding, it’s almost a shame that the battle damage occludes what would be one of the nicest Captain America Minimates we’ve had so far. The chainmail area is scaled much in the manner of John Cassaday’s depiction of Cap, the scales go all the way around the chest block and are also evident (where the costume remains) on the upper arms. The red and white stripes around Cap’s abdomen are also excellently presented, the level of detail (rips, marring, even texture lines on the back) is incredible. Think back to Wave 12’s Cap and then check this bad boy out. The leap in quality is staggering.

Cap’s belt is, I believe, a new piece, and reflects the chunkier utility equipment type belt that the Steve Rogers’ Cap wore towards the end of his career. There’s further damage to the leg areas, not as extensive or finely detailed, but even here a section of open costume with a single thread running across only adds to the overall coolness of this ‘mate. Cap’s finished off with Buccaneer style boots, finally! Not only do the boots help capture the overall look of Captain America, but they also make him a tad taller than a regular ‘mate, as is only right and proper.

You can’t help but notice that Cap’s in chains. Yep, that evil old Government decided to honour their greatest soldier by clapping him in irons and parading him in full view of every available sniper point in New York. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Cap is accessorised with his trusty shield which, like the man himself, is looking somewhat the worse for wear thanks to that big bloody smear across it. Unfortunately DST have altered the cuff that attaches to Cap’s arm – it’s the same as seen on USAgent and Taskmaster. Instead of sliding up the arm it has to sit between the wrist and hand. That’s just a bit rubbish as it means that with his costume gloves on Cap can’t wear the shield. So Cap also has regular Minimate hands as alternate pieces.

In Conclusion: They certainly did the Minimate justice. Shame about the character not getting any.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Civil War Spider-Man

In the run up to Civil War, Spidey became fast friends with Tony Stark, leading to Stark gifting him a new costume based on Stark’s Iron Man tech. This costume was swiftly dubbed Iron-Spidey. The look stayed until Peter Parker’s infamous reveal of his secret identity.

This is a fairly simple Minimate, though it has been given a removable mask, probably as a nod to ‘that’ moment. Unfortunately it makes Spidey’s head seem overlarge in comparison to the rest of his body. I also feel that there is something not quite right with the eyes. They sit too low down on the mask. Iron-Spidey’s eyes start about half way up. This little guys’ peepers start about a third of the way up and it does look a bit weird.

Slip the mask off and Peter Parkers’ face is revealed. It’s quite a good likeness to PP, especially when the included alternate hairpiece is used. Peter looks a bit rueful here. Maybe he has an inkling of what’s to come?

The body is nicely decorated, the spider emblem is a gold print and stands out nicely against the red base on the chest block. Sadly there is some paint missing on a couple of the smaller legs which really ought to have been picked up on before the figures left the factory. There’s some muscle definition going on but it’s all ‘underneath’ that gold spider emblem and wasn’t really necessary. The four main legs of the chest emblem continue around the sides of the chest block and converge in the centre of the back.This is where the ‘mate is a particular let down. Iron-Spidey had three metal ‘legs’ that were attached to his armour at the back. Why only three? I have no idea, ask a rabid Spidey fan (or a radioactive one). This ‘mate gives no concession to those ‘leg’s whatsoever. It would have made for one of the funkiest Marvel Minimates around, but for some reason, most likely cost, DST haven’t even attempted to adapt probably the coolest thing about the suit. There are further gold highlights to the shoulders, wrists and feet,but they are eclipsed by that dominant chest emblem.

Spidey has no accessories, save the aforementioned hairpiece.

In Conclusion: A disappointment given how cool the design is. Could have been a spectacular (heh) Minimate, but came out just an average one.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Civil War Iron Man

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were the best of friends, until the events that kicked off the Civil War forced them to adopt different ideologies and to fight for those ideals. Cap lead the Anti-Registration heroes, whilst Iron Man was the face of the Pro-Registration movement.

This is Iron Man in his “extremis” armour, it’s bulkier and less streamlined than previous versions but is much more high-tech. As with all the other Iron Man ‘mates the helmet can be removed to reveal Tony Stark’s face. There seems to be more variations of Stark’s face than there are Spider-Man and Wolverine ‘mates combined! This version of Stark features a very elegant goatee beard and a slightly furrowed brow. Pop the helmet on and you have an Iron Man ‘mate that has an imperious air about it.

At first I thought there’d been a huge error, that the eyes and mouth print had been placed too low on the ‘face’. This is mainly caused by what appear to be brow ridges above the eyes. It looks fine from a distance, but up close it really does look as though the print for the eyes is misaligned. This is further impacted by a very busy faceplate. Far too much detail has been attempted here which in my opinion spoils the ‘mate.

Civil War Iron Man’s chest piece appears to be a one-off, so why is the centre of the chest not raised? Regardless, it does help add mass and this version of the armour is supposed to be quite clunky. There’s a lot of detail added to the chestpiece, but as it’s a black print against a fairly dark red base it doesn’t stand out too well. Take the chest piece off and you’re presented with a very nicely designed undersuit that appears to be lined with circuitry. There’s also some muscle definition present but it’s kept to a minimum. The back of the chest block features more of the same.

Iron Man’s red and gold (yellow) theme continues on his arms and legs. The gloves and boots, both of which are new pieces, can be swapped over with alternate hands and feet, so you can have Stark messing about in his underwear, or fully kitted up as Iron Man. It has to be said that the boots add a lot of height to Iron Man which makes for a very imposing Minimate. I have no problem with this, but purists may not be so forgiving.

In conclusion: Flawed but funky. I really wanted to love this ‘mate but there are too many little niggles to make it the perfect Iron Man representation.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



The catalyst that starts the Civil War, Nitro is a kind of a human bomb who, when confronted by a small-time superhero team, used his power to devastate Stamford, Connecticut. This event led to the creation of the Superhuman Registration act.

I love the face on this little guy, it absolutely screams ‘Villain’; his screwed up forehead, those beady red eyes, That hateful snarl… You wouldn’t want to meet this chap in a well lit street, let alone a dark alley. His hair is a re-use of the Series 2 Sabretooth hairpiece, but as we’ve only seen it re-used a couple of times it’s forgivable. Plus, it does actually suit him.

Nitro has a fairly simple costume, The majority of the costume is a very dark blue, almost black, with some red contrast and gold highlights. It’s very simple and this lends itself well to matey-ization [Is that even a word?? -Ed]. I particularly like the use of gold on the wrists and the chest. That gold circle positively beams out of the centre of the chest block. Your usual superhero rippling abs are also all present and correct.

Nitro has no accessories… Well, my Nitro has no accessories. He does actually come with an energy blast that slips over his hand, but mine was missing from the box. Very poor DST, very poor indeed!

In conclusion: Simple but effective, nigh on perfect.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Overall Thoughts


Final Thoughts. This is another great box-set from Marvel. All the principle characters from Civil War are here, and there’s a plethora of accessories and alternate parts to mess around with as well. More please DST!

Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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