Years ago a minimate fan had a vision and created an online store to cater to our minimate needs. In the years since Luke’s Toy Store has brought countless amounts of awesomeness to the minimate community. Now in one bold beautiful epic stroke of awesomeness comes the first ever Luke’s Toy Store exclusive Marvel box set: The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man!!!



SDFoes05 SDFoes06 SDFoes07

Yes, even the box is a beautiful sight to behold. The packaging is the tall window box with control art of Carnage at the top and “Deadly Foes of Spider-Man” logo in the middle. Check out the Luke’s Toy Store logo in the upper left. The sides have control art of the four figures. On the back is a mini-bio of the characters along with a group picture of all figures in this box.


The Figures

Tendril Attack Carnage


It’s About Darn Time!! The first Carnage is still a work of art and one of the best minimates ever produced but he was long overdue an update. And, oh boy, did they deliver!
What was so impressive about the first figure was the paint details all over and how everything appeared very fluid. The same applies to the new figure, the symbiote skin appears very organic and flows all over his body. The black details seem almost alive and moving over the bright red underneath. His Carnage face is wonderfully scary with wide grin and over-sized white eyes. With all the figures there are tons of extras. Carnage comes with his crazy eyes Cletus head and orange hairpiece. Honestly I find Cletus’s face more disturbing than Carnage.

 SDFoes10 SDFoes11 SDFoes12 SDFoes13 SDFoes14

There’s a tendril neck-piece that fits over the head peg that works well with both Carnage and Cletus heads. More tendrils are sculpted on the shoulders of both arms; the black tips of the tendrils really sell the symbiote look. Again amazing paint apps all around. He comes with several different “hands” to interchange as you wish. There are two long tendrils as well as two claw shaped hands and for the especially deadly attacks there’s his ax hand. You could even grab a couple of the extra basic flesh colored hands that are in this set if you wanted as well. Heck, throw the lab coat on him and you have crazy lab assistant Carnage (somehow I picture him walking around saying “Is it safe?”). As is customary nowadays there are plenty of clear base plates to go around in this set.

SDFoes15 SDFoes18 SDFoes17 SDFoes16

Carnage now has the best track record of any multiple released character. Two perfect scores!


MMC Score – 10 out of 10



Arm Attack Doctor Octopus


The man has more degrees than you can shake an arm (or two or three ..) at but he still rocks the bowl cut!His hairpiece is a reuse of the Friends & Foes set and is still as awesome as ever. Love the detail for his glasses and that little grin; it looks pulled straight from the classic comics.

SDFoes21 SDFoes22 SDFoes23

Doc Ock has a new sculpted torso cover. I do like the curves around his waist on the previous one more but this new one allows for better arm movement and the new tentacle peg placement on his back is far superior. Also the colors are perfect; they’re bright, vibrant, simple (in a good way) with just the right subtle amount of details.

SDFoes24 SDFoes25 SDFoes26

The big draw on this figure are his metal tentacle arms. Rather than holes for them to attach as in previous figure, they returned to the original wave 4 sideways layout with the arms attaching to the pegs on his back. The metallic arms look great with little claws at the end. Instead of just four arms they’ve also included a bonus two arms that allow him to stand on the tentacles arms as he does in the comics. It takes some balancing skills to get the job done but to save the trouble the two arm stand arms have peg holes that fit on the included two extra clear base stands. Displaying him like this makes him one of the most impressive looking figures in your collection.


No extra accessories (save for the ton of arms and base plates) and the base figure is good for customs. The colors on the three versions of Doc Ock released don’t really match up so not able to mix at match very easily.


He honestly looks like he jumped right out of the comics; hands down best minimate version so far.

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10

Transforming Lizard


I love multiple looks for a figure, you get more bang for your buck. I also like that DST took several of the good parts of the past few Lizard/Dr Connors figures to create one all-in-one character.
SDFoes30 SDFoes33 SDFoes31 SDFoes32
For the Lizard he comes with a slip-on fully sculpted lizard head. The sculpt itself is great; high eyebrow arch, big yellow teeth with lizard tongue sticking out, even a few bumpy skin patches here and there to give it a lizard skin texture. As a slip-on the size is slightly too big; a smaller sculpted head might have worked better. It’s still a tremendous improvement on the previously released Lizard figures. Underneath you have Dr. Connors head that you can match up with an included brown hairpiece.

SDFoes34 SDFoes35 SDFoes36 SDFoes37

The extra’s didn’t stop there, you have two full sets of either full on Lizard or full on Dr. Connors from the neck down as well. For the Lizard there’s a variation the lab coat with attached lizard tail from the Silver Age Lizard; this one has less material in the front to allow more leg movement. Speaking of legs they’ve included the Lizard legs we saw from the movie versions with some nice detail for his torn purple pants (he and Dr Banner must shop at the same store). He also has two wonderfully sculpted large green claw hands. Now to switch to Dr. Connors there’s an extra untorn full length lab coat with a folded shirt sleeve for his missing arm (same as movie version of Dr Connor). Also spare set of regular purple pant legs, black feet and basic flesh hand.

SDFoes38 SDFoes39SDFoes40SDFoes41

What is so much fun with this figure is it’s truly transforming. You can mix parts to give you pretty much every phase of his transformation.


MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10

Shape-Shifter Sandman


Again another multiple look figure. We’ve seen several minimate versions, both comic and movie, over the years. Now turned into the one quintessential figure.
Finally his hair looks right!! They reused Norman Osborne’s hair which works perfectly for Flint. He has very expressive facial detail with a great sneer.

SDFoes45 SDFoes44 SDFoes46

The colors are very bright and vibrant. I like his green stripes go all the way around his torso. Now for Sandman he comes with over-sized sand fist and sand hammer arms and the wonderful sand base (same items from full on movie version Sandman). Love the texture of the sand on these pieces. For Flint they’ve included regular arms/hands and khaki pants/feet.

SDFoes47 SDFoes48 SDFoes49

As if all the extras are not enough there’s also plenty of clear base stands to go around. While the color of sand is a bit lighter on this version you can still mix the pieces of the movie Sandman to have him transform fuller if you wish.


So much included for each figure in this set and so much overall. This is easily one of the best box sets ever released!


MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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