It’s been a long time since DST last visited Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Wave 3 was an Ultimate X-Men extravaganza, but since then only Wave 6’s Ultimate Spider-Man has represented the Ultimate Universe. Fans have long clamored for Minimates based on the Ultimate U’s version of the Avengers, snappily called The Ultimates, and finally they’re here.


Standard Marvel fare. A large cardboard carton with windows through which the Minimates can be viewed. Minimate Spidey is as always a large presence on the packaging though this time around he somewhat obscures the Ultimates logo that has been placed on top of him. Under the windows is the usual control art of the characters as well as a background of pages from the comic book. The side flaps carry photos of the figures.

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The back of the pack features photos of the entire wave and bio boxes relating to the figures within.


The Figures

Captain America (Ultimates)

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This is the updated Cap. His origin story is much the same as in the regular Marvel U, but he’s been written as more of a take-no prisoners type soldier in the Ultimate universe. He’s also struggled hugely with the culture shock of his last memories being of the 1940’s and then being awakened in contemporary New York.

Cap’s look is similar to that of the regular Cap but there are subtle differences to the outfit. The mask has lost its wings and has a more stitched together look to it. Cap’s ears still stick out through the sides of the mask and it still has that big white ‘A’ on the forehead. Annoyingly the mask can sit a little too low on the figures head which stops the eyes from lining up correctly with the eye holes. This is easily remedied, but is still irritating. The expression on Cap’s face is more stoic than heroic. You won’t know what’s going on inside that head unless he wants you to. The eyes are smaller and more thoughtful than those of a regular Cap. This is a guy who’s thinking his next move and isn’t particularly interested in any concept of honour on the battlefield. Cap’s been given his usual blonde hairpiece for an alternate look. I think it’s possibly a new piece, certainly new to Cap anyway.

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The uniform has also been updated, all that’s expected is there: the white star on the chest, the red and white stripes across the midriff, but there’s an element of grey at the side of the chest and the chainmail looks to have been replaced by some kind of kevlar reinforcement. The upper arms feature white stars against a red circle. Caps’ regular gloves have been replaced by gauntlets with equipment pouches that sit on the outside, and his buccaneer style boots have been replaced by regular tie-up jobs.

Thankfully his shield has not been messed with. It looks to be the same piece as seen on the original Cap Minimate though I’ve noticed a slight flaw in the white paint on mine and wasn’t at all impressed to find that the loop that sits above Cap’s glove which the shield attaches to was missing from my pack.

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In conclusion, a very faithful adaptation of the Ultimate version of Captain America.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

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The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents of the Ultimate Universe are markedly different to their standard counterparts. Their appearance is more that of an elite military force rather than the spandex uniform of the regular super-spies. 

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This guy isn’t really based on any particular agent so will just be reviewed on its own Minimatey merits. The helmet looks to be brand new and could come in handy as a custom piece, I like that DST included goggles above the peak, but think it’s a shame they’re a part of the helmet and not a separate piece as this would give more variety to army builders such as this. The expression on this guys face is pretty bland, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just very generic. A nice touch is the addition of close cropped hair which can be seen when the helmet is removed.


The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents wear a fairly standard-looking camouflaged uniform. The chest piece appears to be new and is laden with equipment pouches down the front and a large leather satchel on the back. The only hint as to his allegiance is the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the left shoulder which is an extremely fine looking print. Remove the chest piece and sadly underneath there’s just a grey chest block albeit one with a hint of flesh tone at the throat. It’s a shame DST didn’t continue the camouflage paint scheme on some kind of undershirt as again it would have given army builders more display options. Sadly this little guy has to stay fully dressed.

The legs have the same camo print, I should say here that I think the print is great. It’s bright (possibly not the best sort of camouflage then?) and clear and extremely well executed. There are pockets printed on the hips but the way they’ve been printed over the top of the camouflage actually cheapens the look of the figure and I think it would have looked better without it. The figure has the same kind of lace up boots as Captain America, though thankfully not bright red.

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The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent is accessorised with a rifle. I’d have liked to have seen a pistol and holster as well but suppose you can’t have everything.

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In conclusion, this army builder is a tad on the bland side, but true to the look of the comic.


MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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