Keeping the Avengers-mania going, the Disney Store has released two exclusive box sets of the Avengers. This first set features three heroes fighting the time-traveling villain Kang.

OMG they actually made a KANG minimate!!



The packaging is the tall window box with control art of Captain America on top and the Avengers and Minimates logo on the front. The sides have control art of the four figures. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this box. The blue Disney Store logo and the 10th Anniversary of Minimates logo are also on the front.




The Figures

Captain America

The Captain America, Hulk and Giant Man in this box are the same figures that are released in Marvel wave 44. So yes it’s a bit of overlap but it’s also good exposure for the minimate line to be in stores like the Disney Store (they’re also available at MarvelStore.com and Luke’s Toy Store).
Capt America has been done in minimate form many times over the past 10 years and all the costumes are really very similar; just a few tweaks here or there with the classic stars and stripes. Also anyone that was lucky enough to pick up the Classic Heroic Age box set knows what good quality these Disney exclusives tend to be. So expectations are high for this Capt and he doesn’t disappoint.
As I’ve said the costume is just what we expect it to be, classic stars and stripes. Same mask cover we’ve seen before. The extra hairpiece is wavier and fuller than other releases, perhaps he changed his shampoo. Classic stoic look on his face and the eyes line up well with his mask.
Now what sets this figure apart from the others (save Classic Heroic Age one) is the quality of the details and paint apps. All the detail lines are crisp, the colors are vibrant and there is little to no color bleeding. And this is carried out all over; front, back and sides. These are very well made figures. As a result the joints are stiffer but they also stay together better.
Captain America has the buccaneer gloves and boots that we’ve seen before. The only minor change/addition I would have liked would be an extra non-peg cuff. The peg of course is for his shield which you can place on his cuff or he also has a shoulder harness that allows it to attach in the back. I swear this has to be the best paint apps I’ve ever seen on a shield before. For some of the pictures I show the clear base stand but there is not one included in this box set (there is one in the other Disney Avengers set).
This figure has to be tied with the Classic Heroic Age one as the best classic looking Captain America released so far.

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10



Now he’s not named this on the box but one could argue that this is the Smart Hulk version of the character. He doesn’t have any glasses on so we’ll just call him Casual-Work-Day Avengers Hulk, how does that sound?
Look, Hulk combed his hair! He has good facial details that again are well done and crisp. He has the same torso and shoulder covers and hands that the Avengers movie version had (I hope they keep with this for all future Hulk versions). On the torso cover you see his black tank top with muscle details too. One nice thing about the hands/shoulder parts is the colors on this Hulk and the MvC one are very similar so you could swap out to create a better Hulk figure.
Similar all-in-one torso riser and waist cover to movie version. Hulk also has the thigh covers and new sculpted large boots. He comes with two slabs of concrete that at their thinnest parts you can squeeze into Hulk’s hands (it does take some work to get them in there) or if you want Hulk to be taller you can always have him stand on them too.
Overall another solid Hulk character to add to the collection even if at the very least you use parts of him to improve other figures.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Dr Henry Pym was one of the founding members of the Avengers.  He also discovered Pym Particles that allow him to transform into his super hero identities of Giant-Man and Ant-Man (along with a few other identities ).
We’ve seen a couple releases of Hank in his various identities but this one stands above the rest. Included are two helmets and a hairpiece along with three sets of feet so you can create Giant-Man, Ant-Man or just plain ol’ Hank Pym. Both helmets are well done and fit nicely. Style-wise I like the Ant-Man helmet from the old Avengers box set a little better but the eyes on this new one are much cooler.
The paint apps are perfect and I love the details on front and back of his torso. He has a torso riser that fits under his silver belt cover to extend his height; add to that the high-rise boots (thankfully no duck feet) and you got Giant-Man.
Take off the helmet, belt and put on regular feet and you have Dr. Henry Pym.
Put the Ant-Man helmet on, put on the belt (minus the riser) and the slipper feet and you have Ant-Man.
So much included in one figure, it actually would be best to have multiples so you could display each of his identities and have spares for customs.
Be sure to check out Minimate Central over this holiday weekend for more pics of Ant-Man! 

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Ok, I can’t even begin to go over what all’s been going on with Kang in the multiverse. Check out this topic from the forum, get a little bit of Kang history, re-live the tourture excitement that has been KANG! …. So is everyone up to kang now? Well let’s get kanging on this review then. 
Kang looks like he teleported right out of the comics. He has a new sculpted helmet that shows his highly detailed blue face underneath and a well done new purple collar piece. The torso has good details and Kang has a new waist piece to give him that tunic look. He has sculpted puffy arms that add to it as well. It’s also nice to see details continuing from the front of his legs to the sides. Like all the rest of the figures in this set all details and paint apps are superb.
Kang comes with several guns; a large futuristic gun used before with Cable and a small ray gun that was also released with the Kronan Stone Men. He has a pink teleportation base too (same one from Blink).

In Kangclusion I could kang on and on about this figure but I’d rather just let you all adkang these pictures below of him instead. KANG!!!! 

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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