A second helping of BSG ‘mates. The series they’re based on is astonishingly good and I’m sure most fans want as many of the show’s characters in their collection as possible. This assortment hits the spot as far as character selection is concerned. Wave 2 of modern BSG was released in summer 2007.


The packaging is exactly the same as series one, with the blister in the shape of a Viper Pilot’s flight helmet. The only difference being the pictures on the back. Unfortunately the BSG series 2 reviews do not have carded pictures. However if you want pics then go to Minimate Database which is chock full of fantastic pics from all the different Minimates lines and is far more up to date than this site!

The Figures

Cannon Centurion Cylon

Essentially the same figure from the Suncoast box set as reviewed by Danny some time back, the Cannon Centurion is the basic Cylon Centurion with new hand pieces. The hands illustrate how the Cylons fingers fold up and transform into multi-barrelled projectile weapons.

As with the Series 1 Centurion this Cylon has white indicia on the back of its legs. This differentiates it from the limited edition boxed Cylons and the Suncoast 5 pack. It’s a nice figure, and it’s great that DST are including them in the normal waves. It means people that missed out or passed up on the boxed figures can get themselves some toasters. While those that did get the boxed figures can build a mighty Cylon army. Everyone’s a winner. Except possibly the human survivors from the Twelve Colonies.

Like with the other Cylons this figure uses some pretty nifty tricks to make itself not look like the squat, cute block figure we all know and love. An elongated waist section, longer arms and funky robotic feet really recreate the toaster look.

The Cannon Centurion has no accessories. The Cylon has custom feet that have no C3 peg hole. The Cylon may well have a peg hole in it’s head but I’m not going to attempt pulling it apart to find out. [Ed:- I’m pretty sure it does.]

In conclusion, it’s a Cannon Cylon, we’ve seen them before. They’re still great!

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Lieutenant Boomer

Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii served as a Junior Lieutenant aboard Galactica and was an accomplished Raptor pilot.

A good likeness of Grace Park (the actress who plays Boomer/Sharon) The face is very simple but has, in my opinion captured the essence of the character. The hair piece is new and is tied into a pony tail at the back. I’m very impressed with this ‘mates face.


The body is essentially exactly the same as that of Apollo and Starbuck from series 1, though the insignia at the top of Boomer’s sleeve is different. I’m not 100% au fait with the various rank insignia of the BSG universe but will assume that Boomer’s shows that she’s a Raptor pilot. Other than that it’s the same chest piece and the same belt as on the series 1 pilots. The colour scheme seems a touch darker but this is likely to be a production issue rather than an intentional change. Another minor difference is on Boomer’s right leg. There’s more detailing on both the upper and lower parts of the leg. Some of this is obscured by the gun holster, I think the detailing is supposed to denote equipment pockets. It’s cool that DST have bothered to make this change. It would be too easy to just use the same pieces as series 1 and I doubt any but the most rabid BSG fanboy would notice the difference. Turn the figure round and it’s all pretty much the same as series 1. The indicia on the legs is in black this time around.

Boomer is accessorised with a flight helmet and a gun, both of which are reuses from series 1. Boomer has C3 feet and the standard peg hole in her head.

In conclusion, another cool BSG mate that probably has the best likeness in the line so far.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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