The Calico Jack’s Pirate Raiders Minimates line is another in-house DST line, featuring an assortment of vehicles and figures designed entirely by Art Asylum. It is the next collection in the Minimates MAX series. They are currently Toys R Us exclusives, although a specialty store 4-pack has been announced.









The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with the Pirate Raiders logo with control art for Calico Jack on the front along with Robert Deal and the pirate ship/flag wrapped around the side. The back shows the other figures available in the series with short bio of each of the two characters included. The bios are a nice touch. The TRU exclusive sticker is on the front.


The Figures

Robert Deal

Arrrgh, the bad guys!!! Another true historical pirate and part of Charles Vane’s crew as Vane’s right hand man. Same goes for his role in this series.

Details details details, this line is not lacking in details. Eye patch – check. Beard – check. Scowl – check; you can almost hear him say “Aye Cap’n”. This is one of the best faces we have seen on a Minimate. Add to that one perfect looking pirate hat complete with white feather and gold emblem on the front. The same red of his beard is also on the mess of hair below the hat.

He is wearing a long-tailed blue jacket piece with folded collar. Such a cool looking chest piece with purple sash and cape in the back. There is so much going on, with gold clasps on the collar and white/gold tassels on the shoulders and tons of other details all over. Underneath you see his button-up shirt with white ruffled collar in front.

The arms are the same color as the shirt. Just like the other pirates he has the black/grey gloves and also features similar colored black/grey pants with the brown pirate boots.

For accessories Robert Deal is armed with another silver sword. This one’s blade looks like a feather to me with a gold hilt that looks like an octopus. He also has a modified firearm, using a black gun with axe blades on the barrel. There’s even a small Jolly Roger detail on one of these blades – another nice touch!

In conclusion, one of the best-looking pirates in this series of great figures.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10

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Nicholas Vanhoorn

Nicholas Vanhoorn died from an injury inflicted by Calico Jack and was later revived by the dread pirate captain Charles Vanes to be part of his crew and out for revenge. Next to plundering booty, what better mission is there for a pirate than revenge?

Nicholas has a grey undead skin tone going on. Very gruesome face indeed; missing eye, gaps showing where flesh is rotting away on sides of his cheeks, a few gnarly teeth left and crow’s feet all around his eyes. Somebody give this guy a toothbrush and some moisturizer! All joking aside this is another great job with face details. His hairpiece shows a mess of black and grey hair with a black bandana around.

He has a purple tattered chest piece. The sleeves are cut/worn off and you can see part of his chest underneath. There is also his brown belt with knife showing along with the black waist part underneath too. If you remove the chest piece his torso underneath shows off his ribs and wasted away appearance. There is even some detail on his arms. He has brown pants with black shoes but his right leg the clothes have worn away and you can see his bare feet with red claw nails.

Nicholas also has some impressive accessories. A dolphin-looking spiked sword and a seahorse-design pistol. Very nice detailing on these.

In conclusion: Another great crew member, if only they had single packs of him we could have an entire undead pirate crew.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Lurch77

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