The Calico Jack’s Pirate Raiders Minimates line is another in-house DST line, featuring an assortment of vehicles and figures designed entirely by Art Asylum. It is the next collection in the Minimates MAX series. They are currently Toys R Us exclusives, although a specialty store 4-pack has been announced.


The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with the Pirate Raiders logo with control art for Calico Jack on the front along with Robert Deal and the pirate ship/flag wrapped around the side. The back shows the other figures available in the series with short bio of each of the two characters included. The bios are a nice touch.


The Figures

Calico Jack

As the namesake of this collection, Calico Jack was a real pirate captain during the early 18th century. However AA/DST gives him the MAX treatment with his own varied backstory.

Jack’s face is highly detailed conveying a rough unshaven yet serenely confident look. He has a tanned skin tone color. The overall amount of detail in this line is amazing, showing off what more can be done when the licensing is owned in-house. You can see Jack’s cheekbones along with scar on his right side. The hairpiece is a new design with his blonde hair with black pirate bandana on the front. Love the detail of the Jolly Roger logo on the front.

He is wearing a long sweeping maroon jacket piece. This too has great detail with the black raised collar and belt strap running crossways from his shoulder around to the back. And even on the back you see the continued detail of this belt. Also on the front is detail for his holster with gun butt sticking out. What is impressive about this line, just like the Elite Heroes collection, is the extra detailing on the figure itself under the torso covers. For Jack the main chest block has detail for his shirt which is partially unbuttoned and a bit of his chest showing underneath. This allows one to display your figures in different outfits or mix and match characters to get a whole crew of pirates.

The arms have the same maroon color as his jacket/shirt and there are also black sculpted arm cuffs to give the full pirate glove look. The hands are black to match the cuffs. It would have been nice to have a pair of flesh colored hands included but that is a minor detail as the gloves work very well. The waist and legs are grey for his pants and he has sculpted black pirate boots (these are similar to Captain America’s boots but seem to have more of an indention on the side). The look of these boots is spot on, however for the figures that I have they are somewhat difficult to put all the way on. The sides are pinched in a bit and are a little too tight for some of the legs.

The MAX series has been great for accessories and this collection is no different. Jack comes with a double barreled gold/silver gun and long sword. The detail on the weaponry is fantastic. I love how the guard of the hilt covers part of the hand yet he’s still is able to hold it well.

In conclusion, a very well executed figure. The details are superb and everything is just about spot on for this pirate captain.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Tom Brown

Tom Brown is one of Jack’s long-time crew members and good friend. He is the weaponeer of the crew and comes with a decent stash of weapons.

He has good facial detail, with furrowed eyebrows and detail for his cheekbones and chin hair too. Like Jack he has a similar tanned skin tone. His hairpiece has a large maroon bandana that wraps around to the back with his unkempt brown hair showing all around.

He has a large “powerhouse”-like torso piece with detail for his chest along with beads hanging down from his neck. There is this massive gold shoulder pad armor on there too with ornate detail and a raised piece near the neck. This piece has a brown belt strap attached on the front and back of the torso that connects to a belt that wraps around at the waistline. The front has a large gold belt showing with an oil-lamp logo in the middle. The torso piece extends a bit further past the wait belt with a maroon sash tucked in.

Underneath is a blank flesh toned torso piece with no detail. It would have been nice to have a little bit of detail on it rather than just a blank, it’s a real missed opportunity on this figure.

The arms have the same flesh color with little brown arm-bands right below the shoulder. The hands are flesh color too with removable black armbands. The waist and legs are a dull green color for his pants and he has the same pirate boots just this time in brown.

For accessories Tom Brown has a curved sword with a really ornate long gold hilt. There is also a long two handed brown/silver spear and a really cool gun with an axe head – it’s a musket and an axe, it’s a Maxe!

In conclusion, this is another good figure with great accessories and tons of details.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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