Here we have a pack containing two time-travelling, dimension-hopping X-Men, Cable and Bishop. Once again, this set was sent to me for review by the great peeps at stuckakid.


Again, this packaging has some dynamic artwork with the emphasis on the weaponry, which is always a good sell. As normal now, this has the Marvel Universe logo on rather than a more suitable X-Men logo. The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have no twist-ties holding them in. Instead, a second clear tray piece fits over the top and then locks in, meaning that these figures are held in well and can be seen from each side.

The back of the packaging is the same as wave 10, showing only the figures in waves 10 and 11.

Each set in wave 11 also has a two-sided poster, featuring all of the Marvel Minimates released so far, excluding wave 10 & 11 but including the SDCC Dark Phoenix/Cyclops exclusive. Check one of the wave 10 reviews for pics.


The Figures



The first Minimate in this set is Nathan Christopher Summers – the son of Cyclops and later to be known as Cable.

Like wave 10, wave 11 consists of figures with mostly re-used parts. Cable’s hairpiece has been used several times, first with the Juggernaut, then with Iron Man, and most recently for Johnny Storm’s hairpiece in the Fantastic Four boxset. Due to the reuse, the head has no hole and the hair has no peg on it to keep it attached. It looks great in white though, and suits the character. Cable’s expression and detailing is also excellent, with a very stern look on his face and his techno-organic eye blazing away. One of the best Minimate heads of recent times, I’d say. Not overdone, but with plenty of detail.


The costume is simple but effective. The functional utility of the costume is clear, with some nice detailing work, especially around the twin X logos. The paint job here is immaculate, which really helps. The left arm is silver to show the effects of the techno-organic virus Apocalypse infected him with. Like the other recent Marvel Minimates, Cable has the older body with the smaller torso peg rather than the newer body found on the promotional blanks. The one piece that appears new is the belt, with two pockets. I couldn’t place it from any other set, but maybe my memory isn’t as good as it was now I’ve hit 30. Later edit: Thanks to everyone who wrote in and told me that it is in fact Bullseye’s belt piece and thereby confirming my descent into senility!


Cable comes with the same two guns from the Assault Punisher from wave 9. Yes, these are a reuse, but since they are very cool to begin with, it’s not a problem. In fact, I think every Minimate should come with these as standard. Even the girls.


Overall, despite being fairly simple, this Minimate works, both as a representation of Cable and as a fun figure to play with.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10





The second figure in the set is Bishop, the mutant from an alternate dimension where the Sentinels had crushed the mutant threat almost completely, with mutants being held in concentration camps.

Bishop’s head is nicely detailed with a lovely “ticked off” expression. In a nice touch for detail, Bishop has the M brand (indicating to everyone that he is a mutant) over his eye. He has no hairpiece as his current look in comics has him bald. I would have liked to have seen him with long hair and the red neck-tie from how he used to look in the X-Men cartoon, but that’s just me. He has no hole in his head, indicating that this figure is an older mold.


The costume is similar to Cable’s being primarily blue and yellow. This is an even simpler design, with yellow stripes running down the length of the outfit. These bend around the body to show off Bishop’s definition. The belt, with the X logo on it, is painted on. Again, the detailing is very well applied with no rough spots.


As with Cable, Bishop has the same rifle and pistol from Assault Punisher, meaning that if you want to get a few more guns for your Minimates to use, this set is the one to get. Both X-Men holding both sets of guns makes for a formidable task force.


Overall, much like Cable, this design is very simple yet works extremely well. 

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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