Happy Halloween! We hope all the little ghouls and ghosts out there have a great and safe night on this All Hallows Eve! For our review today we’re going to take a look at last year’s Halloween ComicFest minimate set; The Walking Dead’s black and white version of Winter Coat Dale & Female Zombie. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this year’s set of Marvel Zombies Villains.




The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with The Walking Dead and the Halloween ComicFest 2012 logo on the front. The back shows a large picture of each figure along with a short bio of the two characters included. The large Halloween ComicFest logo is in the middle.


The Figures

Black & White Winter Coat Dale


Ah Dale, poor old nice pessimistic tasty Dale. Thanks to Dale, the group of survivors had an RV to call home for a while. This version is the basically the same as the LCS variant for wave 1 of TWD minus all the color. Not all figures work in black and white but since the comic is done in b&w it’s only fitting to have a special set of figures done in true comic style.
bwDFZ05 bwDFZ06 bwDFZ04
Dale has a wonderfully recreated fishing hat with his white hair showing underneath. I loved the pained expression on his face and it is a good match to the comics. Lots of unshaven details and even the white skin tone doesn’t look washed out.
bwDFZ07 bwDFZ08
As the name suggests he has his winter coat torso cover. I love the sculpted details around the collar that make it look like the real fabric. Underneath there is a bit of detail for his shirt. What’s nice is the grey tones on this figure match for his arms and torso unlike the wave 1 version. Also unlike the colored version Dale doesn’t have any snow on his boots; instead plain pants and shoes. He does have a nice beltpiece with holster. As an accessory he comes with a grey toned pistol.
Dale really does look like he leaped (hobbled I guess) right off the comic pages. While he may not match with the figures from the regular waves since he’s black and white, he does make for a top notch exclusive.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Black & White Female Zombie


What would a proper Halloween be without some sort of creature from the undead? Yeah, she may have passed her prime as far as looks (and expiration date) but she’s slim, trim and has quite an appetite. Like Dale she is basically the same figure from the LCS wave 1 sets.
bwDFZ11 bwDFZ12 bwDFZ13
She has a long full hairpiece and amazing zombie face; so much detail, drooping eyeball, flesh pulled away from her jaw. Simply incredible! Her torso is not your standard minimate torso; her left side is sculpted in such a way that the flesh appears to be rotting and torn away. There is even a bit torn away on her right shoulder. This continues down her leg as her skirt is torn and part of her leg is rotted away. I love how the bit of bone is poking out. She’s no party girl, but she doesn’t mind showing some leg. Even her right arm is cut away at the joint. An excellent job was done with her paint details and the grey skin tone works well too. She does come with a spare full arm but no other extra accessories.
bwDFZ14 bwDFZ15 bwDFZ16
In conclusion, a mighty fine zombie.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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